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for Unknown Human Emotions

7/17/2012 c6 3Mhunter
Need more of William...plz.
6/2/2012 c6 1Cooky Crumbla
This is a very interesting story and I do hope you will continue it. Update soon, please!
5/31/2012 c6 Clarrissa
5/16/2012 c6 B
Plllleeeeeaaaasssseeee... Update!
4/15/2012 c6 Random Reader
This is a very good story. I haven't been able to find stories such as yours in a while and it makes me feel giddy inside knowing that there are a few writers out there,that I can find, that can write a whole story without copying the original version into it. Please continue 10/10 =)
4/10/2012 c6 10Superdani4Ever
thank you for the new chapter!

She smiled again as the blur stopped and William's human form stepped forwards-WOO HOO!

dude,William you're super strong,GO AFTER HER!

He's a murder-WHAT?look who's talking!

I see a man who grew angry, who detached himself to save his family-HELL YEAH!

Viktor?oh crap!

Marianna = Emilia Clarke

4/10/2012 c6 1EmilyEverlasting
I like Marianna, it makes sense that he'd have more than just one anyways. Great story! Keep it up :D
4/10/2012 c6 laithano
victor does have a streak of rebellious daughters lol. with her new friend that will make it easier to see her love. i wonder how victor will punish this daughter for helping Elizabeth. it would explain why Sonja thought she was an only child.
4/9/2012 c5 laithano
heath ledger for William hands down. so Marcus is jealous lol. he should just let Elizabeth be happy with William but then it wouldn't be an interesting story would it.
4/9/2012 c5 10Superdani4Ever
WOO HOO!thank you soooo much for the new chapter?

Who I picture as Elizabeth?Easy:Natalie Dormer,of course!Ever since I saw her in the tudors,idk ,somethign just clicked

You cannot be serious Marcus! I will not be locked away like some harlot-YOU GO GIRL!

He knew exactly what William could do if he got a hold on her-riiiiiiiiiight ;)

Marcus is startign to piss me off

"William... I want to see you."-and now I'm crying!

her beloved-awwwwwwww :ยด)
4/3/2012 c4 Wolf's Minx

what is going to happen next?
3/28/2012 c4 hw
I love this story please update soon!
3/25/2012 c4 32kurounue13
please update soon!
3/18/2012 c4 7TheNewMammal
This is great! I'm really loving it so far!
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