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7/28 c101 Imagination Devil
Um, can we do something like Percy and Annabeth are injured severely, and Hazel is really sad, yada, yada, yada?
5/27 c2 Guest
Am I— Am I reading a high school AU of camp rock right now?
1/16 c67 9kenyatta.harmon0516
I think your Grammar is a bit off. Some names aren't capitalized when they should be. No other issue though.

12/16/2022 c1 GleeLover243
Will you PLEASE ADD YOUR FIC to Achieve of our Own.

is great but sometime the site is down for like hours and some browser dont use this website on my phone/computer.

Also I know many use this website over FanFiction so you'll get many views there..
5/3/2022 c47 GleeLover243
Percy/Annabeth first time having sex.

Wish you had made it M rated
5/3/2022 c45 GleeLover243
Annabeth thinks she's ready to have sex with Percy
3/2/2022 c1 oh my god i found the fic i
holy hell...i think i read this story for the first time 4-5 years was literally my favourite story back then

just wanna say thank you author. This story is one of my favourite memories from my childhood.
2/23/2022 c24 Ltbutterfly287
The drama is a little much
2/23/2022 c20 Ltbutterfly287
I’m really confused with your writing, you make it obvious that Percy doesn’t like Luke whatsoever but then make Percy be nice to him. It really doesn’t make any sense and really this attempt at drama just leaves me annoyed more then anything else.
8/28/2021 c3 Guest
You made grover movie based not real life based
8/19/2021 c92 2Epic5678
Ok I’m really late to the party but I’m freaking out about this chapter, the song fits so well and I loved the song before hand anyways. Hallelujah is a great song
8/7/2021 c2 Guest
great book man
7/23/2021 c119 ECDJ-Aether
Is there a second installment?
6/11/2021 c32 sokeefe-percabeth shipper
Your prop. Not gonna see this, but i found q minor thing. Once when Calypso was talkong 2 Percy she said that something had hsppened in Montauck, but tyen Rachel said that Calypso's (or anyone else 4 that matter) never been to Montauk and she (Calipso) didnt deny it. This is an overall amazing story and its the first and only one ive re-read and i can mostly understand what u mean with when u misspell the words.
5/3/2021 c9 Guest
Percy Run Nico knows about the thing
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