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for Truth or Dare! Black Butler style!

2/7 c4 Guest
Oh god! "I am cow" ! Laughing my ass off! So funny! My guts hurt! Love it!
2/6 c11 1liana.reichlin
Contract...car accident... permission to call you Tomoe-san?
12/7/2014 c17 Guest
The baby girl's name should be Helaine or crystal or even Kelly or maybe Kendra
11/7/2014 c20 2Draxien Oblivion
Hope this is still going. Anyway um if Raven and Sebastian still need a name for there kid I'd suggest Lucy (because lucifer)
Hell: better than my name atleast.
Draxien:(my first Oc) I don't know. Anyway don't you have dares to do or something?
Me: yep! But first(beats alois to a bloody pulp while draxien holds Claude back) now then for my dares.
Grell: STAY AWAY FROM SEBASTIAN OR DRAXIEN WILL FIRE YOU! because Sebastian is draxiens godfather(thank you ceil) and draxien is the grandson of the original shinigami as well as the grandson of ciel and Lizzy!
Undertaker: don't stop being awsome!
Punishment: I'll kill you if you stop being awsome.
Raven and Sebastian:have another kid(male this time) and name him either trigon(teen titans reference!) , lucifer , Sebastian jr , or robin.
Raven: dress up like a neko for Sebastian.
Sebastian: when your kid(s) are born you and raven get to have a few months off to take care of them.
Will: my Oc draxien is half demon and half shinigami what do you think of that?(he's also the angel of death)
Ciel and Lizzy: nothing.
Alois: stop being a flamboyant , gay , arrogant prick who licks everything.(I don't hate gay people I just hate alois)
Well that's all I have for now
Draxien: you really like to put me in every truth or dare you read that you like don't you?
Me: yep! Even if it's just in my head that I do it. Now then I must go. It's taco night! Hope you update soon and this is a really good story.
7/7/2014 c15 theamazingfandomchild
Ok, I just read this chapter. What jerks! Jas, you are an amazing authoress, don't let those bastards get you down! I'd like to help murder those people who sent you nasty emails. I know this review is probably really late, but I just HAD to say something. You are such an amazing writer, so those idiots at your school honestly don't know what they're talking about. AT ALL.
6/19/2014 c1 Animefreak0204
Truth- Grell
Do you have a gay crush on William coz I would love that!

Dare- Sebastian
Go drink a whole glass full of holy water and while doing that, wear a cross and other holy things ! I am so evil, but Senastian is a demon
4/25/2014 c6 Bitterfuntom
hay guys ! :D
Sebastian: I dare you to slap a cat
penalty kiss the young lord
Ciel : I have a question if you found a pretty girl out side of you manor would you fall for her.
and a dare kiss raven or jas
penalty : you have to sleep with alois
Grell :Sebby your going to hat me Grell Kiss sebby
Jas tish is for ciel Have you watched Soul Eater ok so call maka the Dare is for Ciel to kiss her
Will,Claude your lucky im not going to give you two dare because you'ed probable die anyway
Love you guy and sorry
2/18/2014 c5 Coraline
I thought Raven was a guy...?
2/7/2014 c20 258changeofheart505
Kura: Aaaw...I wanted to see more of this...well, if you want help, I can help.
Sakura: You sure? You're a junior with AP classes, if you fail, I'm pretty sure you-know-who will take your phone, and our only source for FF.
Kura: Who cares?!
Sakura: Pinche niƱa...
Kura: Meany...anyways, erm, yeah. Oh! I see you haven't gotten that dreaded message. Or have you? I got it once...I'm still not happy with the results...soooooooooooooooooooooooo ...I'll be happy to help when I can. I'll be of more help Monday to Friday, or any day I'm at an actual computer and my phone, sometimes the internet doesn't work on it, but I'll see what I can do to help! PM me if you're still looking for help!
1/22/2014 c20 1AngelicaNight
I'd be glad to help you. Please let me know.
1/5/2014 c20 Jan Valentine's lost daughter
I didnt know the story was here I have been reading it for two days strait ... I have some gifts for the lovely black butler cast

For Claude : a beautiful trantula ..her name is rosie

For grell because your my favorite I got you a sebby card you can ask him to do one thing of your voice

For raven I dont like you because you are with sebastian but I suggest the name scarlet and here is a rattle for her

Sebastian I. Want somthing from you it is a darw I want to touch your abs for thirty minutes then I will give you a kitten

Ceil I got you a new eyepatch one that changes colors to fit your outfits

Lizzie I love your personality here IS a purple bow for your beautiful ... short?hair ... here is a wig too

The undertaker I personally think you are an epic beast mode Freaking amazing person I got you more sharp objects

Will , I got you your soul mate her name Is heather

That boy who is akways licking things your name has slipped my mind at the moment but I got you an Ice cream cone ..

Jasmine hi there I got you catnip its amazing me being a neko myself this stuff is great

My name Is eclipse and I would like some dares done ,

1/5/2014 c16 Jan Valentine's lost daughter
7/13/2013 c4 3Officially-Mrs.Trancy
XD That's all I gotta say..
7/4/2013 c20 LexiLovesCookies
Well if you want I could help. If you don't feel I coul help. I just have ideas for t and d. But not like helping ones, but things for you to ask/make the people do. I am a HUGE fan of BB, but I promise you, that I won't make anyone die, or marry anyone. And BTW, I found it funny for there to be a Lexi in this. My actual name is Lexi, so I couldn't help but be like the Undertaker. If you feel that I should do my truths and dares for this, please let me know in my email.
6/2/2013 c20 3Artemis Phantomhive
I finally got an account on here, so now I can post some dares*laughs manically*
sebastian is my favorite charactor soooo
Dare: dress casually for the next three chappies( jeans and a teeshirt)
Penalty:dress up in a sexy cat costume for the next two chappies (I wanna see some skin!)

Dare: sing It's Getting Hot In Here
Penalty: do the Harlem Shake (like you mean it!)
Oh, and sebby-chan,... Eheheh ...how long is your penis?

For Grell: Your hair is awesome. Tell me what you use to make it so!

Dare:exchange your death scyth for a pink razor and make sure everone sees it
Penalty: play 7 Minutes in heaven with your least favorite charactor

Undertaker: Is that your real name?
Why are your eyes white and not green?
What did Ciel do to make you laugh that one time in your parlor?

Ciel: What did you do to make Undertaker laugh that one time in his parlor?
Also, did you ever *giggle* do anything with Sebastian? (be honest, or else I'll send my Dalek to EXTERMINATE you)
And now a dare
Dare: dress up like Carley Rae Jepsen and sing Call Me Maybe (and post it on Youtube)
Penalty: dress up like Lizzy an sing Lollipop by MIKA ( and post it on Youtube)

Are Prince Soma, Agni, Hannah, and Lau there? If they are, I dare Prince Soma and Agni to kiss, no penalty (I know you want to!) If they aren't, could you please bring them on?
Raven: Back away honey, Sebastian is MINE! MINE I SAY!
Jas: here are some skittles riddlers *tooses bag* i hope you post this once you find a co-writer. TATA FOR NOW!
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