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for Truth or Dare! Black Butler style!

2/18 c5 Coraline
I thought Raven was a guy...?
2/7 c20 180changeofheart505
Kura: Aaaw...I wanted to see more of this...well, if you want help, I can help.
Sakura: You sure? You're a junior with AP classes, if you fail, I'm pretty sure you-know-who will take your phone, and our only source for FF.
Kura: Who cares?!
Sakura: Pinche niña...
Kura: Meany...anyways, erm, yeah. Oh! I see you haven't gotten that dreaded message. Or have you? I got it once...I'm still not happy with the results...soooooooooooooooooooooooo ...I'll be happy to help when I can. I'll be of more help Monday to Friday, or any day I'm at an actual computer and my phone, sometimes the internet doesn't work on it, but I'll see what I can do to help! PM me if you're still looking for help!
1/22 c20 1AngelicaNight
I'd be glad to help you. Please let me know.
1/5 c20 Jan Valentine's lost daughter
I didnt know the story was here I have been reading it for two days strait ... I have some gifts for the lovely black butler cast

For Claude : a beautiful trantula ..her name is rosie

For grell because your my favorite I got you a sebby card you can ask him to do one thing of your voice

For raven I dont like you because you are with sebastian but I suggest the name scarlet and here is a rattle for her

Sebastian I. Want somthing from you it is a darw I want to touch your abs for thirty minutes then I will give you a kitten

Ceil I got you a new eyepatch one that changes colors to fit your outfits

Lizzie I love your personality here IS a purple bow for your beautiful ... short?hair ... here is a wig too

The undertaker I personally think you are an epic beast mode Freaking amazing person I got you more sharp objects

Will , I got you your soul mate her name Is heather

That boy who is akways licking things your name has slipped my mind at the moment but I got you an Ice cream cone ..

Jasmine hi there I got you catnip its amazing me being a neko myself this stuff is great

My name Is eclipse and I would like some dares done ,

1/5 c16 Jan Valentine's lost daughter
7/13/2013 c4 3Officially-Mrs.Trancy
XD That's all I gotta say..
7/4/2013 c20 LexiLovesCookies
Well if you want I could help. If you don't feel I coul help. I just have ideas for t and d. But not like helping ones, but things for you to ask/make the people do. I am a HUGE fan of BB, but I promise you, that I won't make anyone die, or marry anyone. And BTW, I found it funny for there to be a Lexi in this. My actual name is Lexi, so I couldn't help but be like the Undertaker. If you feel that I should do my truths and dares for this, please let me know in my email.
6/2/2013 c20 3Artemis Phantomhive
I finally got an account on here, so now I can post some dares*laughs manically*
sebastian is my favorite charactor soooo
Dare: dress casually for the next three chappies( jeans and a teeshirt)
Penalty:dress up in a sexy cat costume for the next two chappies (I wanna see some skin!)

Dare: sing It's Getting Hot In Here
Penalty: do the Harlem Shake (like you mean it!)
Oh, and sebby-chan,... Eheheh ...how long is your penis?

For Grell: Your hair is awesome. Tell me what you use to make it so!

Dare:exchange your death scyth for a pink razor and make sure everone sees it
Penalty: play 7 Minutes in heaven with your least favorite charactor

Undertaker: Is that your real name?
Why are your eyes white and not green?
What did Ciel do to make you laugh that one time in your parlor?

Ciel: What did you do to make Undertaker laugh that one time in his parlor?
Also, did you ever *giggle* do anything with Sebastian? (be honest, or else I'll send my Dalek to EXTERMINATE you)
And now a dare
Dare: dress up like Carley Rae Jepsen and sing Call Me Maybe (and post it on Youtube)
Penalty: dress up like Lizzy an sing Lollipop by MIKA ( and post it on Youtube)

Are Prince Soma, Agni, Hannah, and Lau there? If they are, I dare Prince Soma and Agni to kiss, no penalty (I know you want to!) If they aren't, could you please bring them on?
Raven: Back away honey, Sebastian is MINE! MINE I SAY!
Jas: here are some skittles riddlers *tooses bag* i hope you post this once you find a co-writer. TATA FOR NOW!
6/2/2013 c1 MikkiKitty
omg i love this story heres my dares...
claude: have sex with alois and will (3 way time!) and jas be detailed about it if ya want (please!)
raven: i love u and your awesome buuuuttt, have "fun" time with pluto in his human form or yu and him in your guys wolf forms.
sebastian: dont stop raven
jas: dont let raven or pluto have any excuses!
Sebastian: tell us your real name no excuses or penaltys
5/31/2013 c20 Guest
I am completly in LOVE with your work! This story is sooo funny I LMFAO every single chapter. I hope you find a cowriter soon so you can update this amazing fanfic. I loved your Half-Blooded series as well it was more serious but still had some funny parts. You are a boss writer and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :D
5/30/2013 c19 Dietkrillbits
I don't know if this will update, but I'll leave this here anyway uwu

Sebastian: (Whom I shall call seabass) You've been a demon for ages, had any memorable contracts? (Ciel doesn't count :L)

Ciel: Wear a mankini and twerk
Penalty: Every sweet thing you touch will become rotten and inedible.

Raven: Wear a collar that gives you an electric shock whenever you say, think or do anything negative
Penalty: None, so it's mandatory c:
5/28/2013 c8 flaming rose
Yes! Yes bitches, yes! Anyway, thank you and, I'm just…majorly shocked here! Like seriously.
I-. Wait. Did you here that!

(Explosion sounds in back ground.)

That was the sound of my brain exploding from overload. (Smirks.) Yeee-aahhhhh, bitch. You were that freaking awesome!

Sooooo, anyway! I'd like to make so dare, if I could?

1. Sebastian I dare you to put on a leash and collar and be Ciel-kun's bitch for a while. (A while ranges from a day at least, to three a most.)
2. Undertaker Hmmmmmmmm. What should I have u do? I would like to ask what my coffin would look like, but u haven't seen or know me. Sooooooooooooo, I'll just say hi, and leave u alone for now! Bye, sweetie!
3. Alois(?) I dare you for a whole chapter to where a ball gag so u can't like ANYTHING!
5/13/2013 c20 CheChe the ninga cat
*a girl with black cat ears and a tail comes out of a pool of shadows* Hello...*blushes*...*looks up with amber colored eyes*
Um...I have a dare for the triplets- you have to dye your hair black and wear the same thing as Sebastian-san and copy every thing he does till next 2 chapters.
penalty-you have to go in his closet full of cats for 48 hours...*smiles a little*
This is my first dare... so yeah heheheh...*disappears in shadows*
4/1/2013 c20 Guest
Sebastian-Wear a frilly pink dress and talk in a high-pitch girly voice for the rest of the chapter
4/1/2013 c20 Guest
I lovelovelove this story. My dares-
Alois-Kiss Ciel.
Penalty-Let Undertaker lock you in a coffin for 10 minuets.
Sebastian-Wear a frilly pink dress and talk in a high-pitched girly voice for the rest of the chapter.
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