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for The Slytherian Princess

11/27/2017 c1 79galaxies in her eyes
You spelled my House wrong. Get it right, for Merlin, Morgana, Nimüe, and Circe’s sake! This has an interesting plot, but the fact that your spelling is atrocious really detracts from that. Please consider acquiring a beta—someone who can actually spell.
9/24/2015 c2 ilovehplotr
you spelled my house's name wrong you bloody muggle. we are called slytherins not slytherians. quite an unclever name slytherians ,if you ask me. and i suggest you fix the bloody spelling errors mate. i really think this story has a bit of potential and you could make it better if you fix the grammatical errors. well that's all i got for mate.
10/4/2013 c1 Sono Chieri2
I don't get this AT ALL. So, I'm stopping.
11/15/2012 c11 3lrmorena
The story is interesting but you need to draw an outline so all the stories in the middle doesn't lose perspective and also the organization will take your story to other level. Check the names of the characters and correct them. Blessings
3/14/2012 c10 3arabellagrace
2/11/2012 c2 cosmoGirl666

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