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for Hogwarts: A Ghostbustin'

8/21/2012 c7 16ThePowerOfFriendship
ASFDHJJHK! Fangirl feels are overwhelming me!
7/27/2012 c6 12Art and Soul
Pwease. :3
7/13/2012 c6 16ThePowerOfFriendship
Jealous RaySam Winston Happy TPOF.
4/24/2012 c5 ThePowerOfFriendship
"You haven't heard the last of me!" *shakes her head*
4/15/2012 c4 ThePowerOfFriendship
THANK YOU! I loved that scene so much I copy pasted it and saved it on Evernote.
4/8/2012 c3 ThePowerOfFriendship
Aww! Cute!
4/8/2012 c3 ThePowerOfFriendship
Aww! Cute!
4/5/2012 c2 4HinataElyonToph
Yay, so cute! And thank you for giving me credit for Makenna! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
4/4/2012 c2 16ThePowerOfFriendship
Eeeeee! I can't wait!

"For a Ravenclaw, you're not very smart." Lol. If memory serves me right, I believe Peter's in Gryffindor?
2/23/2012 c1 22Meagan Snow
This is so fun! I'd truly love to see a continuation. You have a new fan.
2/19/2012 c1 16ThePowerOfFriendship
I had an awesome idea for a second chapter. I'm writing one similar to yours, and my second chapter has Ray instead of Ron giving himself the slug vomiting. If you want it feel free to use it. I'm okay with that!

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