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8/18/2012 c20 chicalicious
"It wasn't about proving a point to Jacob, or her other friends. It was about taking care of her and making sure he didn't lose her to someone else. Again."-YES! Love this! Don't lose her again Edward!
Omg I love eleazar! I'm so glad Edward has him as a friend and older wiser friend. Oh man! I hate that Bella puked on Edward right after a drunken kiss. I am so glad he was there go take care of her though. Bella dove in with the drinks like a pro but shes clearly a lightweight.

8/17/2012 c21 TropicOfCancer
Beautiful, beautiful story. :) I'm hooked on these two lovely souls. Can't wait for the next update!
8/17/2012 c21 rbirdy23
Awe she said it. Such a good chapter. You're great at writting there emotions. You made me feel. :)
8/16/2012 c21 Courtney37
YEA YEA YEA YEA! That was soo cute! I absolutely loved every moment of that chapter. Except Irina. I hate her. Lol! Can't wait for more. Thanks again
8/16/2012 c21 Loved1901
Aaawwww, I loved their first real kiss. Now I'm sad because I'm all caught up with the story updates and now have to wait with everyone else for the next one... meh! I will wait patiently because you rock-and-or-roll!
8/16/2012 c19 Loved1901
8/16/2012 c17 Loved1901
Holy crap! That meeting was so intense, I was having small heart palpitations! Damn that was a good chapter. It's a good thing I don't have to wait for chapter 18 because I don't think I could handle that right I'm clicking the Next button now.
8/15/2012 c21 jojobear33
Great! I love this story
8/14/2012 c21 Lilypad10
How perfect was this chapter! She let it all out and he responded perfectly.
8/14/2012 c5 Loved1901
I love that you use the colors names for the chapters, it reminds me of the cookie chapters in Wide Awake. Go Edward! I never trust the guys that the parents moon over. I'd rather date the son of a Sexologist than the son of a Deacon any day.
8/13/2012 c21 sherylb
I'm so happy!
8/13/2012 c3 Loved1901
Awww, I feel so bad for Edward. I laughed when Bella was freaking out about "hey" and "hi". Another story I read said that a girl that says "hey" means that she's more "dude like" and obviously leans more toward playing for the same team. I say "hey" a lot more than "hi", but I don't lean that way. Anyway, it made me laugh. The closest color I have to neon is a bright orange called I Eat Mainely Lobster from OPI.
8/13/2012 c1 Loved1901
Hey, I saw a rec for this story on fictionators. I finally got some time to start this, and I'm glad that I did. I love the story so far, and I also have a collection of nail colors too. I prefer Borghese polish, it seems to last longer and I only need one coat! I'm not allowed to have my fingernails polished due to my profession, but I love my painted toes! Right now they're painted with the color Buon Viaggio Mauve!
8/13/2012 c21 4robsten63
Loved this chapter! They finally kissed XD
8/13/2012 c21 wal70
So did he have sex with Irina?I f so why did they break up? Plz eexplain. THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU!
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