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9/10/2013 c17 Edward's My Obsession 1971
So, they meet again. Edward is probably matured but I'd say he still has feelings for Bella. Maybe buried, but still real feelings. Same for Bella. I'm wondering how things went for her in HS after Edward left. What about Alice? Did Bella move on and experience typical teenage life, or did Charlie and Renee smother Bella until she left for NY? Still loving. I'm trying to be better at reviews. I apologize for skipping several chapters. Oh, and I'm pimping you shamelessly on Twitter, FB, and my Blog. You need readers and more reviews for a story this well written.
9/10/2013 c9 Edward's My Obsession 1971
Poor Edward. So jaded and falling hard. Bella is so clueless. Ben is her first love, and we all know how at age sixteen you can't see any other future than with the one you're dating at the moment. (I'm 42...with a 24 year old daughter so I've been there myself long ago, and also cab view this situation from the perspective of a mom with a heartbroken child)
9/9/2013 c3 Edward's My Obsession 1971
Pot-smoking Jasper is too funny. Poor Alice has a wrecked home life. Edward is afraid to speak to his father because of his sex profession. Angela has a crush on Edward. Ben is flirting with Bella, and Bella is eating that up like candy. What an OOC fic! Love it!
9/9/2013 c1 Edward's My Obsession 1971
Hi. Loving this so far. A slightly nerdy Edward is a good thing, and I more feminine Bella is a nice change from the norm. Rec'd by my good friend and beta, Kare831. I tried to look you up on Twitter, but the search comes up empty. If you're around, I'm lakermom37 there. I'd love to chat.
8/22/2013 c24 15Pinkster Lily
I really liked reading this story! I wished there was more of it, but I understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Please please please update soon! I'm excited to see what happens next, if Renee will flip a biscuit, etc.

8/12/2013 c24 MistiS
Hi, I was going through my alert list and seen yours hasn't updated in a while. Hope everything is going okay for you and you can come back soon. I miss this story. ;)
5/23/2013 c24 DitsyDruidess
Just finished reading this story. I enjoyed it just as much the second time as I had the first. Can't wait for you to have time to continue.
4/21/2013 c24 Thea-sofie-95
Good story! MORE fast please! :)
4/8/2013 c24 9yagalinus0420
Oh my...did Esme do the same thing to him as Renee did to her? Will her mother FINALLY butt out of her life? Will Charlie FINALLY put his foot down and tell Renee to back off? I SO NEED MORE! LOVE IT!
4/1/2013 c24 violetsbroketherocks
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2/25/2013 c24 sujari6
Edward and Bella's relationship is their business and she should tell her parents so.
2/10/2013 c24 anu1289
Awesome chapter! I really enjoyed reading it and I love how Bella finally stood up to her mother and told her about Edward! :)
2/8/2013 c24 DBrandonCullen
Great chapter. Please update soon.
2/7/2013 c24 sparlish
Wow - what a fabulous story and I'm still loving it - love that Ben wanted her back and she was brave enough to tell her parents. Thanks for writing.
2/5/2013 c24 Courtney37
YOU GO BELLA! Renee was on my last nerve the witch! Lol! I'm so glad she "talked" to Edward before all that went down which by the way that talk was HOT! Loved it! Can't wait to read more. Thanks again.
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