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1/27/2013 c24 8sparklevampFTW
I saw this updated earlier and I was so damn excited and happ, but pissed because I needed to finish doing important things first, and I was sad cuz I wanted to be the first to review. :C but idc now because I can READ IT NOW YAY SO HAPPY.

Omg haha Ben y u so awk.


Man I really fucking hope no one can hear her.

Okay yay because I would scream if her mom heard and demanded what was going on. I didn't think you'd do that, but with fanfic, there is always the possibility of unnecessary drama.

"The bad feeling at the pit of Bella's stomach intensifies as Renee eyes are warily, the smallest hint of regret in her eyes." Typo? And please tell me she didn't invite the Cheneys.


This is the worst, most awkward thanksgiving dinner ever.

I bet he's gay or something.

Oh dear Jesus make Renee stop PLEASE.

You go, Charlie. Charlie ain't gonna take any of ya shit.

Ugh finally Bella left. I really just wanna jump into the story and smack Renee in the face.

I feel kind of bad for Ben. He needs his Angela pronto. That's always been my favorite Twilight couple after Edward and Bella.

"Also, please don't fail to remember that I love you." MY HEART. I think this might be my favorite quote of the whole story so far. Idk it's just simple and sweet and lovely.

Aw man. Cliffy. Boo.

Dont think I'm being mean, but there were a lot of typos in here so maybe you should go over it one more time.

and also SCREEEECH I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. Well really, I would've loved anything as long as the story updated because I love love flove it so much and the wait for the this chapter broke my heart. I'm really excited for the next one though, because I wanna see Renee go apeshit haha. She is the character I love to hate.

I know you're probably super busy, but I wanna rec a book to you. It's called Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I started reading it yesterday and literally could not put it down. I read all 416 pages in the span of 24 hours because it was so amazing. I mean, idk if you'll like it, since everyone has their own opinions, or if maybe you've already read it, but I think it was incredible and that you might enjoy it. And if you read it and don't like it, may I forever be scorned as a book lover.

1/27/2013 c24 AxJay26
I had to go back and refresh myself on a few chapters. I re-read the dance one, where Ben calls Bella lame, and the first and second chapters. As well as chapters 22 and 23. (holy sexy time batman!) And, oh my goodness, the extent that I loved this story before all just came rushing back. This chapter was particularly amazing. I loved Bella's blow up about having a boyfriend, I seriously thought she might roll over and just go with Ben to be a people-pleaser, but NOPE! And it was fantastic. I love her and Edward together, their little phone conversations are so sweet. I'm getting all lame and "I want a boyfriend-y" so I should probably just go to bed now, yeah? Yeah.

Thanks for updating! No rush on the next one, I understand life gets a little crazy sometimes, just remember to come back to us every once and a while.

-Abbey, xoxo
1/27/2013 c24 NarciCC
LOVE IT! I am soooooo glad that Bella finally stood up to her Mom and told her the truth. I am sure that no matter what her annoying Mom says, her Dad will stand by her. I am so proud of Bella. I can't wait to read more... Thank you for updating..
1/27/2013 c24 sparklymagpie
Thanks for the update. It was nice to see you back. I like how she figured out her moms plan and outed herself and Edward. And resolved the whole Ben thing. Looking forward to the next chapter when you have time.
1/27/2013 c24 Likeisaid
great update
1/27/2013 c24 XxTwilghtxFan101xX
Need more, need more Xx
1/27/2013 c24 Lilypad10
You go Bella Swan! I am so proud if her and it is time that she tells her mom that it is her life ti live!
1/27/2013 c24 Kia J
I love your updates - this is one of my "drop everything and read" fics.
1/27/2013 c24 24gabby1017
Good, it's out... Renee is so annoying...
1/27/2013 c24 Gennell
I hope life treats you better. Thanks for this update. I enjoyed it. But that Renee is a trip!
1/27/2013 c24 sherylb
Great chapter! Glad it is out in the open. I think that it won't matter what Renee and Charlie say at this point, as E&B are in it together.
1/27/2013 c24 Erikajo
That was great! Still love the story! Thanks so much for the update. :)
1/27/2013 c24 2Capricorn75
OMG- I cannot stand Renee! What the hell is wrong with her? I am SO glad that Bella stood up for herself, and revealed Edward as well. Funny how Ben now sees what he missed out on. Hopefully you'll be able to post again. soon and real life won't kick your butt so hard. :-P Regardless, I'll be sticking around!
1/27/2013 c24 debslmac
1/27/2013 c24 chicalicious
So excited to see the email notification pop up! I truly love this story so much, even though I did need to go back and read the last chapter, and I will always wait patiently for the next installment. I'm so irritated by Renee, but she obviously didn't realize how much her daughter has changed. Of course Bella should have told her sooner that she has a boyfriend, but just because Renee thought she was single why did she have to assumer that Bella would want to rekindle her relationship with Ben? I'm proud of Charlie for coming to Bella's rescue. I'm also really glad that Bella told Ben that there isn't a chance for them getting back together. The phone sex was hot! Really excited for these two!

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