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7/17/2012 c8 Jux
This was so beautiful i couldn't stop reading, its 3am *ouch* and your story was truley wonderful. i cried and i hardly ever feel that moved, but thank you, thank you it was perfect.
6/10/2012 c8 kimmysue526
Read straight thru and love this!

Please don't abandon this story!

4/25/2012 c8 106writerdragonfly
4/13/2012 c8 Beloved-Stranger
I - just - you - what -!

God, I hope that epilogue goes up soon 8O
4/13/2012 c6 Beloved-Stranger
NOT COPING - seriously just ugh oh my god you're making the rest of us look like talentless internet wags, its just killing me. I'm totally in love with your writing style and the richness of your descriptions and your New York! I'm so glad I'm going there next year. This whole story is a thing of beauty and I haven't even finished it yet!
4/13/2012 c5 Beloved-Stranger
I've spent most of the time I've been reading this fic flailing and screaming with joy.

*Continues to flail and scream with joy*
4/1/2012 c8 kaiiju are holding my brain hostage here, really. Now I have to neglect my history essay and go read all of your fic.
3/23/2012 c8 9midlifecrisses
I really loved this story - BUT i'm left wanting more! - I hope you do do an epilogue...
3/23/2012 c7 midlifecrisses
my heart, my heart - does it want to fly away or run an obstacle course? Is it wary? Happy?

only one chapter left aaaarrrggggghhhhh
3/23/2012 c6 midlifecrisses
WHAAAAAAAATT! 13 lines in and I'm like - hell the shits hittin' the fan now!

then I think they should enter into some non-traditional 4 some - because I can kinda see where this is going...

but the end made me aaaaawwww again and I thought - my boys shouldn't have to share.
3/23/2012 c5 midlifecrisses

even before the chapter ended I was in love with it. I loved the writing, the characterization, the feel of this chapter.

and the end - WHOOP! jsbfjksdfksd
3/12/2012 c8 zali
Please please make an epilogue! T.T

I want to finally see them both happy and after all they've both been through... They deserve that blissful happy ending where they're both on the same page and wavelength.

I want to see a Dave who's happy and complete. :)


Thank you!

2/18/2012 c8 34Cammerel
A completely and utterly beautiful fanfic, by far. One of the best Kurtofskys out there.

2/17/2012 c8 silje24
I I hate what Gwen and Bland did to Dave and kurt. But im glad they got eatch other at the end.. So thank you!

The ending was sooo beautiful! Looking forvard to the sequel;) Hoping for some smut;))
2/17/2012 c7 silje24
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