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for Silent Hill Reminiscence: Officer Wheeler

8/21/2012 c4 8W.S.Ravensoul
That was a great ending to the backstory. I will have to check out your other ones. I liked the way you made Officer Stone a convincing villain. Unfortunately there are still people like that in real life that get put in charge. I enjoyed this tale. Keep writing.
8/21/2012 c3 W.S.Ravensoul
Liked the way it picked up pace here. I have to admit Mayberry isn't my favourite character but you have done a good job with him. Like the Stone reference. Quite clever. Good job with Cybils past too. I will read on. Good work
8/16/2012 c2 W.S.Ravensoul
I see you are sticking to the timeline very well. I'm not so great with that. Liked Travis' cameo and the theories he threw up there. There is a very good reason that SHPD don't help with the drug busts. Just ask Gucci. Haha. Good stuff. I will read more later.
8/14/2012 c1 W.S.Ravensoul
It wasnt draggy. I liked the nods to the different media. Enjoyed the grinning man characters getting a mention. Tower was a character I liked a lot. Definitely one to break the "one week to retirement" trend in cops. Good start. Will read on. Thanks for the latest review by the way. Im currently typing up a chapter and writing another so the story will definitely continue.
4/3/2012 c4 cool
rite more, u are good. imma using an old ds so kind hard to wite loll
3/7/2012 c4 2JG Studios
Sorry for not reviewing this a bit sooner. Was a bit tied up. :D

I think that this chapter is a fitting conclusion.

I gotta give you a thanks for this fan-fic. It was really well written and the way it was connected with the games (and movies) is just amazing. I especially love how you ended this chapter with Adam telling Wheeler that he "would never have to go to Silent Hill" and Lillian's pregnancy with Alex and all that, because we all know what's gonna happen next in Homecoming...

I'm kind of sad that this is over, I really liked the fan fic. Perhaps you'll make more stories about Wheeler in the future? We'll see.

Again, thanks for giving a good amount of entertainment.
2/25/2012 c3 JG Studios
Oh yes, chapter three.

I have to say: MAN, is your fan fic well written, heck, if I didn't know this was a fan fic, I would've thought that this is an official novel or somethin'. I mean, you pretty much did your homework with the history of Silent Hill (both the games and the movies) and it's so interesting to read it actually happen. I love it. The ending was tense. Can't wait to see what happens next. :D
2/18/2012 c2 JG Studios
Yes! Chapter two!

Very interesting story you have here. I really enjoyed seeing the gas station from the movie. Despite this being a fan-fiction, it kinda made me interconnect the movie with the games more.

Also, Travis, yes! Awesome guy. Feel bad for him. Had to go through all that bullshit (please excuse me) in Silent Hill: Origins and no one believes him, not even Wheeler. Heh, Wheeler, Wheeler, if only you knew...

Keep going. I like it so far. Hope to see more Tower and Mayberry in later chapters (if there will be any), I like those characters.
2/17/2012 c1 JG Studios
Yes! Finally! A fan-fiction which involves Wheeler - one of my all time favorite Silent Hill characters!

I like the direction that you're having here. Besides seeing Gucci, I also had a smile seeing Tower and Mayberry from The Grinning Man. I love these two characters - those guys awesome.

Looking forward for more!

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