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9/11/2016 c1 6Alysia Of The Pen
Your Jadeite/Jade and your explanation of the shitennou's betrayal are both fantastic! I am severely tempted to steal that backstory. Very lovely, long, and a good balanced style. Excited to read its sequel!
5/14/2016 c1 ascarletflame
SUPER CUTE. I loved this story for years. The way you built up their backgrounds, then how they finally meet, and the RECOGNIZE each other, and just the way it builds up and how they fall into each other... so great. Love this story .
4/4/2016 c1 2sparklemilk
Oh no! The story is over! These two characters are my favorite and searching for them is how I found you. However, after reading the other installment of Dinner...I can honestly say that I love all the shenshi/shitennou couples because you give them all such unique voices and they truly have their own individual love stories that compliment their natural talents so impeccably. It really is very lovely to read so thank you.
12/9/2015 c1 Alsepang
I truly enjoyed reading this. It's such a wonderful piece of writing and a beautiful imagining of what might be. Thank you!
4/26/2015 c1 7Elen-Di
This was marvelous fabulous beautifully written perfection. I loved it so so so so much. Just everything - the backstory, the connection, the forgiveness (thank you thank you for that I can only take so much angst). This was beautiful and I hope there are more for the rest of the senshi / shittenou! :D
4/10/2015 c1 SunflowerIce
very long one shot, very long, but totally worth it *.*
love it
3/15/2015 c1 177Huinari
*Has a heart attack*

LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF PERFECTION. Omg I just want to fall down and sort of worship it. Lord, this was so beautiful and well-written and I just want to cry now because my heart is doing this withering thing where it just dies from the sheer incredible awwwwww feels.
9/7/2014 c1 imawhatever
This was absolutely delightful and I can't wait to start the sequel!
4/9/2014 c1 23Bubbles of Colours
I loved this one-shoot! Seeing Rei happy and in love was so cute :)
1/21/2014 c1 angeljme
goodness! how did this gem of a fanfic ever evade my radar... it's so beautiful and paints a rather compelling story on the Shitennou's action back in SilMil.

i still believe they're goody good boys
10/2/2013 c1 appalove
So good. This story hit all the right notes, and I love the humourous cap off. The sense of hope and looking to the future, finally getting past their dark history. These poor babies really carry around a lot of weight on their shoulders and your characterisation of Minako was brilliant. :) looking forward to more stories!
9/13/2013 c1 devviepuu
i've read this story three times already, and i have to say honestly that it is one of the best versions of the shitennou return that i've encountered. i especially appreciate the way you wrote jadeite and rei and your depiction of what their returning memories felt like. more than that, i feel that your interpretation of the way that those memories and selves are balanced with their modern-day counterpoints is everything i've always wanted them to be. i wish that there was even more than you've already done in this series, because i have a feeling that your version of the apocalypse that creates crystal tokyo would be one well worth reading. thank you for so adeptly capturing all of my favorite parts of the past-present-future thread: minako's memories, your version of the "betrayal" of the generals, your version of usagi and mamoru's relationship, the way that they regulate the balance between the monarchs and the modern couple...all of it is excellent and extremely enjoyable.
6/13/2013 c1 SleepyReaderIsMe
Awesome! I think it was a little out of character for Rei to be so forgiving but I loved it anyways!
5/28/2013 c1 Fingers upon keyboard
What an interestingly thought out story. It was such a lovely read! XD
Thumbs up and a V-sign for well written work!.V
5/4/2013 c1 13Sapphiregirl
I really, really loved this. The idea of Rei's father setting her up with Jade and it actually SUCCEEDING for reasons completely beyond his control made me chortle. This is particularly interesting twist on the end of the Silver Millennium as well.
Thanks so much for writing this and sharing it with the rest of us!
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