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5/2/2017 c4 QuotesManiac
awwww, my poor baby Wally is jelly
1/29/2015 c11 Blue Moon Solstice
OMC (oh my Cheshire) you haven't updated in a while uh I just need you to continue this for Spitfire's sake please.
1/1/2015 c11 35listeninggame
This is not a good situation.
1/1/2015 c8 listeninggame
This is such a funny and cute story.
1/1/2015 c7 listeninggame
Oh, Wally's friends are cute. But I'm probably going to lose track of who's who.
1/1/2015 c4 listeninggame
Ay, pobrecito. The poor thing is jealous.
1/1/2015 c1 listeninggame
This is so cute. Poor Arty. I'm favoriting this.
11/29/2014 c11 12QuikChik
Please continue!
11/18/2013 c10 Guest
When's the next one. I'm seriously loving these chapters between Wally/Artemis. Update soon!
10/9/2013 c10 19Politelycynical
This is great and very in character.
7/6/2013 c10 35monzepelmoon
7/6/2013 c9 sdsjdskdshlja
Dude and Waldo love the nick names XD
7/6/2013 c8 Guest
she leaves for 1 more minute and she comes back and all the pizzas are gone
Artemis: -.- really
Wally: yep! :D
7/6/2013 c3 Guest
U jelly Wally?
7/5/2013 c10 3Maddylovessmiles
This was really cute, I love Artemis being kick ass and she was. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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