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8/17/2012 c4 1starmacarons
I'm just a tiny bit confused about the first two chapters.

Is this a yullen fic? It wasn't stated in he summary...

Oh well. update sooooon! :D
8/15/2012 c4 NarupokeeAurorafan
Poor Allen lol :3 ! Please update soon bye
3/7/2012 c4 1Badee Badaa Doo
So excited here. A pairing with Lavi that most haven't heard of. Now I'll be thinking of this for a while.
3/7/2012 c3 Johan14th
cool u have i tumblr i just got one but I'm a little lost in it!oh well we all cant get everything , some are smarter than others just blame the genes hehe bye! great chapter
3/7/2012 c4 2Muffin-Bunny
Ohhh... Looks interesting!

Ok, now to guess the Lavi pairing... Probably not a Noah if they've never met canonically so... LaviAlma? They're kinda similar I guess... I can't remember if they ever met or not though. Umm, backup guess... argh I can't think of anyone else who has never met Lavi, Fou maybe? (ok that means I'm getting desperate...)
3/5/2012 c3 3Kohikari
Now see here, sir, this means that you have issued a ~challenge~. I like to think that I've been around the fandom block a few times, so let the guessing commence!

You've implied that neither Allen nor Kanda will be involved in this future Lavi pairing, and the use of the word "pairing" specifies only two people, so: First most common popular Lavi pairings not including Ambiguously Gay Duo are TykiLavi ("Lucky") and LaviLena; then we have others that I've seen, KomuiLavi ("Lamui") and LaviRoad and BookmanLavi and RabiLavi (don't ask) and DeakLavi (same) and hm. What else. LaviLink, LaviChomesuke (or LaviSachiko, whichever), KroryLavi, LaviMiranda...LaviEliade, ummm...I mean, I could start running combos of every bit character in the D.Gray-canon, but I'm trying to stick to things that I've at least seen or heard of examples for; BakLavi? CrossLavi (however oddly incestuous that pairing seems)? LaviDaisya, partners in crime? LaviKlaud? LaviAnita or MahojaLavi (haha, she would crush him)? RoseanneLavi? (OTP!) LaviTessei/Nyoibou/Oozuchi-Kozuchi? (I...I've actually seen that one. In my defense, I was lurking on one of the kinkmemes at the time.) MugenLavi? (Oh god I've seen that one *multiple times* XD; ) LaviCrownClown?

Eh, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here, and I have a hunch you ship Lamui anyway. Guess we'll find out!
2/18/2012 c3 aoraki
I like your stories; they are very original and really difficult to predict.

And I have to admit it is kind of interesting to read a DGM fanfic not containing any petty school stuff and boring exorcist stories.

It is not that I dont enjoy reading school/exorcist fics; many of my favorites are about those stuff. You know what I mean...:)

It is good to fill my brain with a little awkward, but unpredictable and still enjoyable OOC stories once in a while...

Wondering what will happen next.

...Waiting for the first chapter...hehe.

Good luck on your writing-

Oh, and how do you know Yoon Do Hyun's 'Sneakers'? I reckon it's not that famous; are you Korean(or interested in YB)...or is there another Yoon Do Hyun I did not heard of?

I was just curious...I apologize if it is a but rude...:)
2/12/2012 c2 1Badee Badaa Doo
Yes I do find this interesting, and yes I will continue reading this if you have ever update it in the future. Because it looks so darn interesting.
2/12/2012 c2 76yue-chan
Mental stability? Funny, never found an author that have it. u.u

Okay, Allen in a wheelchair. Interesting. Never saw that before.

Wonder what will change for Kanda, since he still kick ass with martial arts.

Now, if there are three main characters, does it mean you'll make it KandaxAllenxLavi?

See you next chapter. o/
2/11/2012 c2 7Etcetera-etc
I love angst. Really I do. Or anything sad.

Except character death. Most absolutely do not want to read character death.


I really need to get reading on both of these stories you've written, really I do.

Anyways~ I love~ also... Allen in a wheelchair is new to me, fascinates me.

It more or less relates to my best friend who has just recently been given a wheelchair because her knee gave out to her during tennis practice. Her nerves are out of place and she told me something in her knee broke, so she has to get surgery. She has to stay out of everything for an entire year (or more) before doing anything athletic again. She can to relate to Allen, and she likes that the most! (:

Can't wait for Lavi's Prologue! 3
2/11/2012 c1 2EXO718
What have you done with Allen, why is he in a wheel chair? Please don't leave this hanging.

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