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for Harry Potter & the Olympians: Tides of War (REMASTERED 2022)

12h c1 6Mando-Vet
Third time reading this; I keep hoping to see it updated. Maybe some day...
9/16 c8 MF
Im really sorry for what happened with the plagarism . Hope you feel better. About the story as someone who read it for the first time is ... great . I like that is still feels like the characters we know from both series and how they react and develop . Harrys moments fighting the chimera , Zoe ( twice) , Al at the casino are cheff kiss . His bonding times with Luke and the trio it felt natural ( i kinda feel likes his demigod time will be more interesting then the wizarding one , but you are a really good author so i am waiting with enthusiasm for whatever you write for this story). My main complaint is that Harry Repeat the line with Snakes a little bit to much ( but most of the times is well delivered).i really solemnly hope that you continue it is just... such a good and interesting story . Many kudos .
The moment he got blessed by Artemis to beat Al was greatly written.
8/12 c6 bakun.alex93
Illogical nonsense, if you had to leave Nightshade alive, you would have come up with something more believable.
8/12 c3 bakun.alex93
Why didn't you, fucking idiot, bring a bow?
6/15 c8 1Redical Gaming
I know you haven't updated in a while, but please do. This has to be the best Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover I've ever read! I love the suspense your keeping us in with Artemis, like is she good, is she terrible, is everything a misunderstanding. You have written and developed your characters in an efficient and brilliant way I've never seen before, this story has so much potential and I have no doubt you'll continue to expand and improve. I can only hope you continue with this story and more!
6/12 c1 KuroKitsune049
5/21 c8 2Pinkypi
Ugh that's damned annoying. I compared your story's by far more interesting in my opinion and therefore better.
5/5 c8 7Muminpappan
absolutely love the story
5/5 c8 TheScottishLegend
This is such a great story! I hope you continue it someday :)
4/26 c8 Guest
glad to see you're writing again! hope you will continue all your wonderful stories!
2/26 c8 Guest
This was a amazing story and would really have liked to know the outcome many unanswered questions. But I completely understand loosing inspiration. As we grow we sometimes loose a part of our self our inspiration or will our identity. And to have someone steal that on top of everything is disheartening I hope one day u find your way back to this story
2/13 c8 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
1/26 c8 fooplaya
Really great story!
1/19 c3 Chaiiiii
ohh i never expect him to be the son of… it does add uniqueness in my book
1/13 c8 Fox Sage 1
Update please I need to know what's going to happen next
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