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4/11/2012 c12 Skeptical
So don't expect to have any silly conversations with the Kyuubi or any real sense of partnership or engagement. The Kyuubi is simply supernatural with a much grander domain and an incomprehensible and limitless force.

This is why I'm starting to hate fanfic writers...such arrogant little shits.

Just because you don't like the way a story is written doesn't mean you can say how it should be in canon...sure people claimed the bijuu were a certain way at the start...but they didn't know jack shit about the things and had no connection with them beside the Jinchuuriki...thus their viewpoints are not credible(These are the characters viewpoints not straight-up word of mouth from Kishimoto) Characters have been shown to lie and have partial or misinformation(Sasuke killed zabuza and haku)

and please don't...don't try to rationalize it...just say it "I don't like the way Canon turned out because it doesn't support my preconceived notions"
4/10/2012 c14 Brilliantteazer
OMG this is freaking awesome and dark. Still confused if naruto got the rinnegan or not. Anyways update soon. Sometimes i think the canon naruto is too goofy and happy. The realistic suffering and flaws of humanity is quite to my liking. Update soon.
4/10/2012 c1 2Illadaran
Finally, something that makes sense. Now matter how hard I try, I can't wrap my mind around ninja living in peace. What are they going to do, spend their time chasing Tora the cat?
4/10/2012 c14 El Frijolero
Nice chapter i hope you update soon
4/10/2012 c13 1Jiraiya's Disciple
I really like this story. Characters are great, and the backstory for the Uzumamo is interesting. Naruto's development can go two ways, but I hope that despite whatever happens, Naruto does not turn into Sasuke. That's Sasuke's job.
4/9/2012 c13 20Sewrtyuiop
Seems like Naruto is going to be teaming up with sasuke.
4/9/2012 c13 1Van der Ay
Chapter 14? The fuck was that man? The whole plot disposition?
4/9/2012 c13 1Karogas
Oh My ... now this story IS interesting!
4/9/2012 c13 9PeKan
This chapter gave me goosebumps.. wow.
4/9/2012 c13 Dinesh
4/9/2012 c13 johnjohn
great story can't wait for the next update
4/8/2012 c10 5Aishata
So far, this is an amazing story. Syntax, grammar, diction, flow, all top class. Your use of pathos and imagery is powerful. And if I could afford devouring your entire story today, I would have, considering how much better your story is than mine.

So why in the name of Christ do you not have a thousand reviews?
4/8/2012 c1 Aishata
What a powerful beginning. Why do you have so little reviews? Its seems as if the most well-written and original ones are reviewed the least compared to Sakura/Akatsuki fics. :(
3/31/2012 c13 BanannahHair
Hello :) ! Always looking forward to an update for Red Calm.

The very first part of the chapter felt very confusing, which I believe was your intent. Naruto is semi-conscious and the vast whiteness is him coming back to reality. The bit with the crows still has me scratching my head. At first I thought it might be related to Itachi's gift, but you seem to be weaving something else here...

You've set the stage for Danzo's War to come about, which is going to be really something when all that is left of Konoha is a crater.

The Old Mans rant was interesting, and I really like how you revealed Jiraiya's lineage and the Uzumaki's purpose over the generations. But.. they seem to have failed.. because there are more Uzumaki walking around than Sengu. I don't understand the old mans anger with the sengu, they are more or less dead and gone. The yondaime Mizukage is Yagura.. and he lead the Swordsmen to conquer Uzu, which is a generation or so after Nawaki (Tsunade's brother) dies..

Feels like your setting up Naruto the same way Sasuke gets in canon. Sasuke Blame's Konoha for the death of the Uchiha, and swears vengeance. Naruto is getting angry here at the (mostly) dead Sengu clan? I think this would resonate better if the clan was somewhat prosperous, but they have fallen just as hard as their guardians have.

I guess in the following chapters some of these things will become a bit clearer with more of the plot to read through.
3/31/2012 c2 SRG
Short chapters, but great writing... 3
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