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10/12/2017 c16 Guest
I've got the alert that you updated but I couldn't remember what was about, so I reread the whole story again! Thank you and I hope you'll find the time and the inspiration to finish your other stories.
10/11/2017 c16 33persianfork
Oh no! Did some chapters disappear? I'm seeing the update but I could swear there were more chapters...
10/11/2017 c16 mnnlisa
I've missed these two! So love their banter and silliness. Fun, fun story.
10/9/2017 c16 mem4375
love, love, love these two weirdos. Read the whole story again so I could enjoy all of their nonsense. Well, really Bella’s nonsense. Thank you!
10/8/2017 c16 left in bits
I just reread this I miss you and your stuff
10/7/2017 c16 Guest
Loved it. You are awesome. Thank you
10/7/2017 c16 girlygirl0706
I saw that this got updated in my favorites, so I was reading but for the life of me I dont remember what this story is about. I'm going to go back and read this all over again.

Thanks for the update.
10/7/2017 c16 Gaby-wotnow
I can’t believe I didn’t get an alert! I love this story. I’ve loved all your stories!thank you!
10/6/2017 c16 tas62
Loved it.
10/6/2017 c16 Guest
*sigh* I love this story. It's on my read over and over list.
Thanks for writing and sharing...
10/6/2017 c16 1ChristianMom54
I enjoyed this and it felt good to laugh. Thank you so much and for sharing your talents with us.
10/6/2017 c16 Guest
Did u delete some chapters? Were the rest of the story?
8/11/2017 c18 BellalovesJacob
Very abrupt ending to this story. It leaves the reader hanging, I almost feel cheated as you deem to have just stopped 1/2 way through writing it then just decided you were done. Why not leave it incomplete instead of stamping it as done.
7/15/2017 c1 2BookwormLoversz
I love this story! It was so cute and sweet and yes Edward for loving the weirdness we all need men like that. I wish there was more. I need more!
6/7/2017 c1 Guest
This does not get to be the end of the story! No fair I want more! I'm just going to have to carry on binge reading all of your stories... x
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