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2/14/2023 c5 1EdwardsFirstKiss
I love their banter.
9/29/2022 c16 Guest
Sweet and sassy! I love friends to lovers. This is cute and smart. Thanks for sharing!
7/30/2022 c16 fanfictionalcolic
They crack me up.
6/19/2022 c16 Guest
6/19/2022 c7 Guest
Toujours trop d alcool dans vos fics êtes vous alcoolique
2/3/2022 c1 TheFenrisWulf
Just love this laugh out loud story, your Bella is bonkers and Edward adorable. Thank you thank you thank you for this!
11/3/2021 c16 AstridCullen
this was adorable. thanks for sharing!
11/2/2021 c12 Sydalee
"It's concerning you don't realize you're quoting Usher right now” prob one of the funniest lines I’ve read in a fic lmfao thank you for that
9/14/2021 c1 Pattigirl23
I loved so much this story and this two adorable weirdo... You're an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing
9/7/2021 c16 soccermom101113
Loved it! Thanks for sharing!
8/28/2021 c16 Mairaredbird
They r so funny! I love it!

I whish for more!

Thank uu
7/30/2021 c16 Lulutbo
I really enjoyed this but that sure didn’t feel like an ending to it. Guess I like my stories wrapped up a little better—-maybe like adding a future take or something ?!
7/25/2021 c16 ducky053
very good, Ima miss these guys, but now I must move onto a different story. The characters have mostly the same personalities, but I really like finding the differences too. Great story, Keep writing. -awkwardly smiles-
7/25/2021 c15 ducky053
I need people to make me write. Like serously I havent updated in like 5 months
7/25/2021 c14 ducky053
Is it called Stubborn Love after the Lumineers song becuase if it is I am going to read it asap, well after I finish reading all of your stories.
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