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5/14/2019 c1 southernpur-rica
Oh my jaysus, they would have alcohol poisoning if they took a shot every time she said butter!... Isn’t tweed itchy, and kinda plaid-y too? Those patches on old guys jackets! Ewww, no, that’s rough
5/3/2019 c16 Hushi Taloa
I truly love all your stories.
4/6/2019 c14 Guest
I love your writing and I love your characters but Bella got a little nutso in that chapter. Lol.
3/2/2019 c16 alli62
I loved this story. I am smiling like an idiot. Thank you.
2/6/2019 c16 8Sassyvampmama
Cute and short and sweet, thanks for sharing.
12/7/2018 c16 19ladylibre
Short and sweet! I have a feeling these two kids are gonna make it.

Thanks for writing!
10/5/2018 c14 1LemonDropMartini
You had me laughing so hard I cried... which is bad since I'm at work... I love you, and your stories.
9/3/2018 c16 mytwilightaddiction
Great story I really enjoy reading it.. your Bella is hilarious lol
9/1/2018 c1 7Lizzie Paige
Going for another round with this lot. :)
8/26/2018 c16 17GinnyW 31
So nice to see this story completed! I had followed it long ago. Thanks so much for writing!
8/20/2018 c16 2babylou23
Loved this story, so funny but sweet
7/26/2018 c16 Guest
Thanks for making me laugh at loud - I needed these characters in my life!
7/22/2018 c16 2Darienlover
Sooo, unpopular opinion here, but this Bella annoyed the heck out of me. Too much neurosis on this one. Edward must have been a saint an truly in love to find any of that hot mess attractive. Other than that, this little fic was golden, really funny, awsomely written, loved all the characters except Bella. Yes, even Tanya. so thank you for sharing and producing this stories of yours, I really like the way you write and the stories coming out of you head.
7/22/2018 c16 hollywood0878
I just found this story I love your sense of humor this story was so funny I absolutely loved it loved it loved it loved it
7/13/2018 c16 blackcat05
Haven’t been on the site in a while and was thrilled to see you finished this story. It made me remember what I like most about fanfiction- great writers having fun with with terrific characters. I enjoy your writing very much. Thanks for the update!
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