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7/8/2012 c1 justaislinn
LOVE3 that was so cute! :)
4/16/2012 c1 2Carlsss2361
This is really good! You should right more stories like this!
2/14/2012 c1 arianna
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweat
2/14/2012 c1 suzi1811
So sweet! I love that he asked his dad what the sweaty palms and everything meant! Lol, I can imagine the grin on Kit's face when he explained it to Derek (yes I know it wasn't really in the story but I can see Derek asking his dad and Kit smiling and explaining!) Loved it!
2/13/2012 c1 17He's My Unrequited Love98
I cant believe u srsly put that in there -_- grr! any way, keep it a one-shot :) and its lawfully wedded wife, not lungful :/

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