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for An Unexpected Turn of Events

8/19 c1 Guest
You disgusting pervert
8/6 c23 Guest
I wanna say thank you for creating these chapters. I grew up reading these books and always felt there should be other chapters and honestly I think you did an amazing job. All of the different creative smut and non-smut. Freaking phenomenal work. I also know this is 8 years old and you might not see my comment. But thank you!
7/31 c7 harshit 11129
Actualy Artemis ancestors marring a fairy might be cannon after all. Its stated in last gaurdian that faires are attracted to fowl manor for centuries.
7/29 c3 Zmey101
I really like your novel. I mean most people hate fanfic and think people reading them are weirdos, but its soooo awesome to imagine alternate realities and what if's the fanfic author's answer. Please write more of artemis fowl, i really loved it.
7/16 c1 HMMMMM
Try to use names less. In a paragraph use it once and then use another way to reference the character.

Butler made his way to the kitchen before stopping in shock. The Eurasian giant was surprised to see Holly in one of the chairs of the large table in the middle of the room.
6/16 c1 bloodred85
Ever since finding this story I have read it or parts of it everyday and this is like day 20 or something. It is a hilarious well written story that I wish would inspire the author to write a similar story that would be cannon.
5/23 c2 Guest
Peel should be peal
4/17 c22 cparks1000000
Eatimg rice doesn't kill birds.
4/17 c21 cparks1000000
You should remove the homophobic-sounding part of this chapter.
4/11 c20 Fan
Put in one more chapter that says what happens in which chapter
3/31 c24 Aleck
This is amazing You have one of the most creative mind in history. I post the review as a representative for all other chapters. Im sure Eoin Colfer never thought of the idea of partnering and stuff. This is the most wonderful stuff Ive read in a long time. It could almost be a book itself if there were no copyright laws.
3/29 c1 Aleck
Awesome this author is amazing
3/21 c7 Arty19
Nice story

I have a story too that does not relate to this at all but I want to put it out there so I can say I have.

Once there was a nation called Soap it was ruled by a single party and had a very corrupt minister called Jon spik. General James McFadden decided he should stage a coup to remove the party and Jon spik from power however the coup failed mcfadden’s role was not discovered so he remained a general. He decided he had to get creative and caused a revolution contributing large amounts of weapons to revolutionaries he sent troops not loyal to him to deal with it and used this to stage a second coup this time he was successful and declared himself the leader however the revolutionaries didn’t want him to be the leader they wanted one of thier high ranking members to be the new leader. They tried to negotiate but he was extremely uncompromising and wouldn’t negotiate as a result the revolutionaries got angry and storm the house of ministers the equivalent of the Houses of Parliament or the House of Representatives. Initially the general kept them back as he was an amazing strategist however one of his own troopers shot him in the jaw before fleeing to the revolutionaries taking off his armour to show to was with them the general survived the wound but lost the ability to speak as a result without his leadership his forces where defeated and he was captured. He was exucuted. What makes this story ironic is that he caused the revolution and had he joined them as a high ranking member he would have become the new minister due to making the revolution possible so moral of the story don’t try to stop a revolution right after you preformed a coup.
3/13 c1 Guest
3/11 c24 Ryouhaku13
10/10 *will* read again. Fucking masterpiece.
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