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for An Unexpected Turn of Events

12/27/2016 c18 Guest
Hell yah I saw that coming! That was a good twist, it was fitting to the story and keeps things interesting. That means I like it!
12/26/2016 c3 Guest
Just ONE mop? Butlers going to need 5 mops and a giant sponge!
12/24/2016 c1 Guest
Those two really needed to get together! Arty and Holly are perfect for each other!
12/23/2016 c23 Guest
You WILL make a secuel! And not just a new story, a real part2. That was honestly the best story I have ever read and I would like to see another on the same story line. Pick up where you left off on the story and make me and the fans happy! It was great reading this story and unsuccessfully trying to stop myself from laughing!(This was me-)
12/23/2016 c15 Guest
I like Arty better this way, he did seem kinda cute, but still a little too formal.
12/23/2016 c14 Guest
Nice nickname, 'Emo Arty'. LOL
12/23/2016 c13 Guest
That was fucking evil, but Trouble deserved it
12/23/2016 c12 Guest
Mulch did work for the mob in The Eternity Code
12/23/2016 c7 Fan Fiction Full Length Books
No criticisms (I don't do that crap) but it made me cringe when you miss typed No1 as No.1
12/21/2016 c22 Guest
That was weird, epic, and slightly creepy, but cool nonetheless
12/21/2016 c3 Guest
This story gets to a point where no one is old enough to read it. But that's how I like it
12/21/2016 c2 Guest
LOL indeed.
12/21/2016 c1 Guest
The only thing I can think to say is as follows, WHAT DA FUCK!
12/21/2016 c24 Guest
MAKE. !(Unless you want to get creamed;])
12/12/2016 c24 Banshee534
AMAZING! If you are still receiving notifications of reviewers and such, please email me at with information regarding the sequel, I've had since trouble finding information about it. Thanks for all your hard work on the story.

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