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for An Unexpected Turn of Events

5/25/2020 c18 Guest
5/25/2020 c14 Guest
I think I need to lie down LOL
5/25/2020 c13 Guest
F for Trubs.
5/25/2020 c6 Guest
Trubbbbbs! Nooooo!
5/3/2020 c20 Raymond Wang
Hi, I just want to tell you that your fan fiction is amazing by giving the characters the same depth of personality that’s shown in the books, as well as giving the characters a story that can be built on with your own ideas for the series. Thank you for writing this.
4/10/2020 c1 Guest
Hell yes! Love this take on such a great series; it always flows right along with the books on up to #6! Please keep writing, you do some of the best work on this site!
3/25/2020 c13 Guest
3/18/2020 c9 cdarrington730
Bravo you need an award for writing this stuff I mean it's just some good
3/8/2020 c3 Hi
This is a great chapter.
2/19/2020 c6 Guest
Bloody hell, Kelp! That's a serious invasion of privacy, and Holly isn't your responsibility and she sure as hell isn't your property
I know he likes Holly but I'm having a lot of trouble feeling bad for him righ now tbh
1/12/2020 c10 Guest
Damn just damn
12/28/2019 c22 Guest
I often come back to this story, as it’s among the greatest love stories I’ve ever read, if not the best. Top 3, guaranteed. It’s very likely to be the best. I read it repeatedly because I really enjoy the basis in the reality of a relationship; I can see how you’ve put your own experience into it, and it pays off beautifully. This is a masterpiece of writing
11/23/2019 c5 peyton
so good
11/21/2019 c24 Me
This brought me on a journey and I'm sad to have finished it. Very well done.
11/8/2019 c24 9Anomandris
I came for the porn and stayed for the plot. Such a perfect balance of smut and story! Be proud of this beautiful piece of art you wonderful human being
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