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11/27/2012 c16 3peasa
Some of it seems a little like The Little Mermaid, but...
Some of it seems like it could be Lilliputians.
Some seems like The Blue Fairy.
Maybe some is Seven?
Is it the Carpet?
I don't know! This is a good one!

Thanks for the shoutout, by the way!

My greatest fear is probably being unneeded by people I care about. Or talking to teachers that are creepy.
11/26/2012 c16 3Trikster Queen
Umm... Seven? 'Cause he was really short and then he died? QoD: Biggest fears? I dunno. Probably my entire family dying? OR it would be going to Hell. Because... You know... THERE'S NO TURING BACK! Umm... Yeah...

People write fanfics for One Direction? ... So... Yeah. THAT is my reaction. I mean, WHAT THE HECK?! They are a BAND! NOT some book or movie or comic or... Well, you get the point. But, seriously? I'm still stunned. I haven't heard any of their songs, and I don't know their names. You officially know more than me about them.
11/26/2012 c8 Totally-tali
You know what? I've tried to stop reading your stuff because sometimes it takes you a while to update. But I can't. Your stories are just too perfect...even from the start.


Hehe. Yw. o-o
11/26/2012 c16 18DopplerGirl
Ohhhh. Deep chapter sis (hehe, I'm so creepy), I liked the underlying meanings. I may not be any good at writing poetry, but I do read alot of it, and you're kinda awesome. Have you ever read the book Beautiful Creatures? The writers of that novel do a lot of free verse, and it's a bit like your style. ANYWAY! My biggest fear is ET. No, not the song by Katy Perry, the actual creepy little freak from the movie. That might make me sound like a horrible person, but I watched when I was 2 and it scared the living _ out of me. And my parents took me on the ride at Universal less than a year later and I cried the entire time. That was apparently enough to scar me mentally, and now whenever I close my eyes all I see is a red finger coming at me going "FRIEND" in that horrifying voice and... Yeah.
11/26/2012 c16 5Alapest
I like 1D's songs bit I'm not like "MYGOOBERONEDIRECTIONISLIKESO AWESOMEITHINKIMGONNADIE!". Yeah... Those girls scare me though my absolute worst fear is...
Ferris Wheels... I I freaking LOVE rollercoasters! Six Flags is my heaven! Ferris wheels in my eyes are slowmo things that guarantee certain death even if you breathe. You breathe and it rocks back like 1 meter and it stays that way then It rocks forward another two meters making it do that the tiny little wires holding your body and a large metal cart creek... Yeah... I HATE ferris wheels
11/25/2012 c8 Guest
Oh gosh! I thought I had to be a member to review! I feel so stupid! I love the poems but I almost never get them right :(
11/25/2012 c16 Airene Archerway
Thumbelina? Because she's small?

I'm not so sure on this one. It's hard, but really, REALLY, nice.

I totally get what you're talking about with all the 1D fics, my friends write them all the time with wrong grammar and everything! And to think, my friends are only ELEVEN YEARS OLD. And they are writing fics about them making out with Liam Payne or Louis Tomlinson.

Then they make me read it so I can proofread it, and I mimic killing myself. :)

Greatest fear? I guess that would have to be death, itself. Not me dying, but my family and friends and loved ones dying. I know this is really cheesy, but that would honestly be my greatest fear.
11/25/2012 c16 anger.issues
People write fan fiction for One Direction?
I mean, I like One Dirction and all,
But no.
That's just sad.
Human stupidity can't even explain that.
Freaking stalkers...

Biggest fear?
With the whole spider situation in Harry Potter, and the Archne thing in Percy Jackson, spiders just freak me out.

Aww...this one is Seven. His story is so sad. It was reall beautiful when, in the poem, you referenced to how he went 'up there'.

I love Seven. He's awesome. :)
11/25/2012 c16 9Haunted by Shadows
Hey! I was reading this, and I *loved* it. It's really thought provoking, and I'm proud to say I got most of them right. My guesses for this chapter were either the Giant from book 1, or an ant. Then I read your hints, and now I'm fairly certain it's Oog. (I think that's the Giant's name.) I actually have nothing I can tell you to improve on, since it's a collection of poems... I don't actually have a biggest fear.

11/25/2012 c16 hashtag nerdfighter
I probably need a hint, but I'm thinking Mr. Seven.

This poem was simply beautiful. I can't believe it.

Biggest fear? That in my twenties I'll fall into a horrendous, soul-stopping existential crisis.
Yeah, I know. Spiders aren't your biggest fear? :P

I loved this poem, it was awful confusing but worded just beautifully. :)
11/19/2012 c15 anger.issues
Red. I guess Red. I think Red. Me thinkys Red.


Oh geez. I guess it's bound to spill eventually...

The most embarrassing thing about me is:

Okay, back-story:
My dad has big feet.
My mom has small feet.
End of back-story.

When I was born, I inherited my mom's small toes and my dad's big toe. So my feet looked abnormal.
Here's the embarrassing part: They thought I had Down Syndrome.
And to this day, I can spread my pinkie toe and big toe so far from the three middle toes, that my family calls it 'Longhorn Toes'.
I'm scared this'll show up in the future.
Really scared.
Like, REALLY really scared.
11/6/2012 c15 3Trikster Queen
Mmmm... Red? Embarrassing thing? I don't know... The only thing I can think of is when in PE we were playing kickball, and everyone was telling me to go to the third base and I ran back to the first base, then back to the second base.
11/5/2012 c15 3peasa
Like I said, great job! I am guessing Red in a real, live, actual review!
11/4/2012 c15 Sis-indaclouds
hi! yeah can you guess who it is? of course you can! it's me back to review as promised.
well... this wasnt that challenging. at first i didn't know who it was, but after reading it over and over again i know its red riding hood.
11/4/2012 c15 Hang.on.Line
umm... I dont know for sure but I think its red...?
you know red riding hood.

QOD:once in grade one i had a huge stomachache and i felt really sick like i was gonna throw up.
but the teacher wouldn't let me go to the washroom so i ended throwing up on the carpet.
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