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11/4/2012 c15 hashtag nerdfighter

Guessing Red, as far as how she thinks hurting people is a game. The seller for me was the "motion to my pet" comment, probably about Red's "kitty." Except I think you already did Red so if not, idk.



You most definitely haven't lost your touch for writing, but your update schedule has been a little lack luster lately... Maybe if we could speed up the process mah dear. :P

QotD: most embarrassing thing that has every happened to me.

Well idk if this'll get much laughs. But I have a last name that looks complicated at first sight but is really easy to read. Lets say it's Shockalockadingdong (it, of course, isn't. :P). Well, throughout fifth grade I was being bullied about my last name (like really dog, if you're gonna bully someone, at least be less lame. xD). Not to mention that the idiot office ladies I'd known on a personal level for 6 years STILL couldn't say my name.

So anyways, we had just finished like a ten question quiz, so my lazy teacher was having us grade each other's work. It was near Christmas time, so when we finished, anyone holding someone's 100 percent paper would call out that person's name and the person that got the 100 would get a candy cane. Well I'm rather intellectually inclined, so this one chick that had been bullying me about my name all year reads my name out loud and purposefully just COMPLETELY butchers my last name.
Well, that was one time too many. So what did intellectually inclined Kathie do? That's right, made a complete fool of herself.
I BANGED my hands down on my desk and shouted the correct pronunciation at her.
"IT'S SHOCKALOCKADINGDONG!" Well I'm sure I sounded like an idiot.
EVERYONE turned and stared at me, including the teacher, and it was DEAD silent for like FIVE minutes. Then the teacher snapped out of it and told me I didn't get a candy cane because the chick tried the best she could and I yelled at her.

In the end I still got the candy cane, so alls well that ends well. :P but yeah, everyone thought I was psycho after that. So that's my story. You can proceed to say "cool story, bro" and read the next review. :P

But seriously, nice job on this poem. :)

11/3/2012 c15 6TheAfterShock
Embarrassing moment: I'm sure I've told you this already. The story about me in the Johnny-On-The-Spot? Well, I had to go pee during this 24 hour walk for Cancer. I ran across the field, and I had to go pee so bad, when I was fiddling with the lock to close the door, I just gave up. I held onto the door. When I let go to pull my pants up, a boy my age (at the time, 11) OPENED THE FREAKING DOOR. He blushed, I blushed, He shut the door. I pulled my pants up and ran back to my Father's booth at the walk for cancer. I have never been able to live it down. *facepalm*
It's Psycho Red to the rescue! At first I actually thought it was just her Jabborwocky itself. I thought it was it's fault. Either it's, or Grendel's from the ninth book (Don't ask why). I liked it. It was a try hardy though, I thought. I knew what you were going for, right from the start, it wasn't gradual or anything. I dunno. Keep on practicing, and maybe you'll get back into the swing of things.
10/8/2012 c14 3Trikster Queen
Hi! I finally finished this story. I am so sorry about your mom's cousins and her children. I will pray for them.

Okay, is this one about Henry? some examples among many - 'Cause it said that he made a mistake, and his family would not have cried. And let my heritage remain discrete. It was pretty easy.

About the alien thing...
What would it take for you to believe aliens were invading the earth?
I would not need much convincing because I believe in aliens anyways...

And what would you do if aliens were actually invading the earth?
If aliens were invading the earth, I wouldn't do anything at first, because what if they were not hostile? If thery WERE hostile, I would learn how to fight with a long-distance weapon (like a gun, even if I don't like them that much.) I would also try to spread disease/sickness among them. Cough on them or something? If they were NOT hostile, I would make friends with them and learn their language!
9/30/2012 c7 28Fahiru
Yay! I got the last one right

This one was a bit harder...I really wanna say Basil the second...

But that's all I can really say...

Those hints at the end...huh? No comprendo...

Random? Um...when It's really cold outside I pick up my cat and use it as a nose warmer.

9/30/2012 c6 Fahiru
This one was the toughest so far, but I'm gonna go with Bunny, the evil queen from Snow White.

Wow...this one...was really beautiful. You could really feel the pain and longing and effort, but you could also feel that slight twinge of bitter resentment. It stung. And it felt cruel.

9/30/2012 c5 Fahiru

Whoa. Just, whoa.

Pinocchio was always a character whom I felt a lot of compassion for, especially since I hard the story... This was done well, because will feel the older side of Pinocchio longing to get out, but we are also aware that he knows full well how to play at being a little boy. It's a very terrifying concept...

9/30/2012 c4 Fahiru

I really like this one because it shows that Puck really does understand sorrow, and he has experienced unhappiness, so in a similar manner to Sabrina, he wants to hide himself from it. He wants to create his own world where he can forget everything bad in the world and just be a little boy.

9/30/2012 c3 Fahiru
The Little Mermaid

It's interesting to think of her so compassionately after the way she was portrayed in the books, but I like it.

She's not quite so complex because she just has an obsession and a desire to be loved, to be wanted. But this feels like just when she can grow up, she is weighted down by the past.

Nooooo! I don't want you to die, Shireen!

9/29/2012 c2 Fahiru
Haha, Shireen Your author's notes make me laugh. You know a person's deep when they don't take themselves seriously.

Daphne has always been a very interesting character to me. Although she is younger, I've always considered her more insightful than Sabrina. Despite her craziness, I've always considered Daphne to be cool and calculating, especially under pressure. She is very observant and naturally concerned for the people around her. She doesn't like it when people fight not only because it is unpleasant, but also because it is usually a waste of time. However, she has a very strong sense of justice and will hold out on Sabrina in order to get her to learn a lesson. Daphne is as stubborn as Sabrina, but in a more open-minded and thoughtful manner. She wants to be able to trust people because her world is already so broken. She wants to believe that not everyone is evil.

Daphne is fantastic for the reason that putting up a mask in those situations is tough stuff. But she knows that with what she's going through, it's no time to throw a fit. She's got survival instincts.

I have a whole lot more to say, but I have to go babysit soon... but remind me to read the rest! My curiosity has been aroused!

And thank you very much. I like your poetry a lot it's very inspiring. - Now I want to write some too

9/29/2012 c1 Fahiru
Haha, good, good. I've never been brave enough to ask for-*cough*- excuse me, DEMAND a review.


I've never been much for poetry, unless It's A.A. Milne, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the poetry of anyone else. So here I go.

Even though the Sisters Grimm series is from Sabrina's point of view, it's only via third person limited, so we never really get a very clear look into her mind. This was good because it shows her innermost private thoughts that she herself has to dig deep to get to. These are the things that we'll never know because she is very careful never to let anyone know. But even in the story, you do get the hint that even though Sabrina cares about her family and the few friends that has, she is a very introverted person who likes to be alone. This doesn't mean that she's shy, because shy people often actually suffer from their loneliness, because they care about what other people think and do. Sabrina is just exhausted with other people and she just wants to get away, but she knows that she can't, and that she never will.

Although Sabrina is still very immature and rash, she has had to grow up in the manner that she feels the need to take responsibility, whether it falls on her shoulders or not. She feels annoyed when people treat her like a child, because it feels as if no one is willing to acknowledge all the effort that she had to make to survive extremely dangerous situations on her own. In this way, her and Daphne are very similar.

By the way, I really liked the scarlet hand references, and the metaphors were fantastic. - I liked it very much.

9/17/2012 c14 Anger.Issues NLI
Oh gosh, I re-read this.

It's Henry, isn't it?

Oh man, I feel SO stupid.

How did I not get that? Grrr...
9/17/2012 c14 anger.issues

AHA! It's Jake, right? At first I thought it was Mirror, but then I thought, "Nope. Not Mirror. He's just a lonely old sap/orphan who has no family because the only way he'd ever have a life would be by stealing others'."
Yeah, not so found of . (If his first name is "Mirror", then is it so hard to imagine his last name being "Glass"?)

1- I'd probably believe a soup can if it told me we were being invaded... :3
2- Hide under my fortress of soup cans. (If you haven't noticed, I like soup.)
9/17/2012 c13 anger.issues
Easy one! Granny Relda!

Most annoying fashion trend? Oh gosh, It's skinny jeans and saggy pants. Wanna know why? Because they give people a hopeless choice.
You see, long, long ago, people discovered jeans. Jeans made people happy. Jeans made people glad.
Then, a couple generations later, stupid people were born. (Because, isn't it strange that all those famous accomplishments seemed so close together, like BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM!?)

These stupid people conquered the news and television, yearning for attention. Then stupid people decided that well fitting, comfortable jeans should be OUTRULED.

So they gave stupid people stupid decisions: Either be comfortable and show your bee-hind, or not have to worry about exposure and possibly lose your circulation and legs.

Too many stupid people in the world...
9/17/2012 c12 anger.issues
HAHA! I FINALLY REVIEWED! This is my first review EVER. Never even reviewed as an anon. You should feel honored.
Naw, that sounds conceited. But you should feel the excited-edness. My first review...WOW.

Ah...I thought the last one was Puck or Jake or Canis. Gosh! *facepalm* Elvis. Man, I'm stupid. XD

I saw that vampire hunter thing a while back. At first, I thought ABE was the vampire. Then my mom was like "No, they wouldn't make one of the most widely known presidents into a vampire." Again, *facepalm*

This is...ummm...Red? Puck? Wait...HOLY JESUS IT'S OBERON! IT HAS TO BE!
I feel smart now.

Pressing 'Post Review'...
9/3/2012 c14 AbsoletlyFlawless
I know it it is Henry Grimm. Love stories by the way. Can't wait for the next update.:D
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