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8/25/2012 c9 PearlsAndBlackRoses
Puck! OH BTW you rock. I love this quiz/story thingy alot!
8/25/2012 c6 PearlsAndBlackRoses
Jake. I think... if it's not, maybe Briar.
8/25/2012 c5 PearlsAndBlackRoses
Canis... correct? the past ones were Sabrina, Daph, Sabrina, Puck. ;)
8/24/2012 c1 Hang.on.Line
this poem shows Sabrina's feelings in a goood way.
8/8/2012 c14 PenguinLoverGurl
Hmmmmm...looking back at my last review, I was extremely crazy. And still am. 8D But just not as crazy. :D

Uh, was it Henry? Cause he blames himself for his dad's death when he wanted to get Goldielocks (I think she was the 'Magic' he thought was fine.) out of FPL and the whole barrier-Jabberwocky-death thing. And you said he's overexaggerated.

And I'm pretty sure you already did Jake. :)
8/8/2012 c14 PenguinLoverGurl
My father was attacked overseas. He is living, but currently in surgery. Please help by praying for my dad.
7/9/2012 c8 lelelagurl
My guess is uncle jake
5/23/2012 c14 26Lara D
I think I might actually get this one right...

Uncle Jake? Wait...Red? No, no, you said something about a father, so it's not Red...I'm going with Jake, just because I'm writing a story about him right now, and it seems right. :/

Oh my gosh...I don't want to say "I'm sorry" because that's just giving pity, and I know that isn't wanted. Man, first Curlscat's dad (Rest in Peace, Mr. E), my friend Jordan's family, and now your family...I'm going to pray hard for all of you tonight, and at school. :) Hang in there. God (sorry if you don't like Christian talk :3) will bring something good, I know it. And your mom's cousin and two children will be looking from above, smiling. :D


5/19/2012 c14 BigB
Oh, and i also wanted to tell you my condolences for your relatives. I know how you feel, i've lost several people in my life too. Life is funny that way; it opens and closes doors. It gives and takes in the most unexpected ways. But remember that everything that happens, no matter how good or bad, leads to brand new doors. I hope you and your family come across a door leading to a bright future. And don't worry, they're probably in a better place right now, your mom's cousin and her children are probably in a better place right now. If you completely forgot about that incident and i reminded you of it, then i'm sowwy. Laugh and be happy for a new door has opened!

Hugs and boogers,


P.S. my little bro just came from football practise. he smells like cow butt. thought you should know. :D
5/19/2012 c14 BigB

Now that that's outta my system, let me get to the point. Uuuh, wait... oh yeah! First of all i love your dramatic poems and the emotions i feel when i'm rading them. For this one I have to say you were describing Henry (or Henry poo, as i like to call him. don't ask for the complete story, i JUST call people like that when i feel like it, okay?)who is really torn between being a Grimm and protecting his family. My reaction was this when I read this: ... WOOOOOOOW... OOOOOOOOOO... AAAAAAAAAH ... HUUUUUUUUUUH? THE FLOOR'S IN LOVE WITH MY FEEEET. MY CAT'S A DOG! MY NOSTRILS SING TO ME! ( it seriously fried my brain how good your poems are. Now my mom thinks i'm drugged :D) And sorry if i didn't review earlier, i only started reading this when the 14th chapter came out.

Anywho, here's the basics aout me: I'm a chocoholic. I'm canadien. My favorite sport is sleeping. I have been mistaken for a hobo once (long story). I have a fear of kentucky fried chicken (another long story. you can ask me what it is if you like). I have tripped and fallen UP the stairs. several times. I have composed a song called "chewbakka butt". I sing it to freak people out and make them run away from me. That's all you need to know about me for now. Yup.

To answer your questions:

1. I would believe aliens were invading if people around me said it AND if my dad starts running around and screaming like a girl that aliens are invading. I wouldn't believe it if only ONE of those things happened, cause i'd think that people were lying or that my dad went "sky godess". (Which means Nuts. if you've read THE READ PYRAMID, you'd understand.)

2. First of all, do aliens have to be BAD? I mean, they don't necessarily have to take over the world, right? They may as well just be visiting and say something like: "YO WAZZUP HUMANS". So as a person as evil and crazy as i am would do, i would do what i like to call "TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CHAOS WHILE OTHER PEOPLE ARE PANICKING CAUSE I'M SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE- HAHAHAHAH LOSERS". As the very giveaway title of my method says, I would take advantage. Like trick my enemies to fall off buildings, "borrow" books from the bookstore while everyone else runs and hides,and laugh at people's scared faces. that kind of normal stuff. Then, i would become best friends with the aliens and "save" earth and become a hero. Winner takes all.


if the aliens are bad, then i'll say a phrase some superhero once said that i've always wanted to say: FAREWELL CITIZENS OF AMERICA. then die after trying to hide under my bed.

Anyway, it was nice to read your stories SweetShireen, and i'll try to review when i can. I swear if you stop writing stories, I WILL EAT YOU LIKE A COOKIE AND GO *GNOM GNOM* AND SEND MY CYBER UNICORNS TO HAUNT YOU FOREVER! AND WHILE IT HAPPENS I'LL LOOK LIKE THIS: :D

or i'll just throw something at you and be disappointed, but what's the fun in that? i hope you don't feel threatened though. *grins in happy but evil way*

lots of hugs and boogers,


P.S. i'm called BigB cause i'm 13 years old and i'm 5 foot 11 inches tall. i'm a mutant and a freak :)
5/6/2012 c14 Big Sister

Big sisters back!

sorry I haven't reviewed in a while.

I have been a bit busy.

Anyways I think you can guess what I am going to say.(again)

Your stories and poems are amazing.

No feedback needed. This poem is perfect as well as the others.

Now I think the character is Henry.

Well I still have to review more of your stories.

4/30/2012 c14 emilydd
First off, I am really sorry to hear about your loss and about all those people who died. It's hard when someone in our families dies, and I pray for peace and comfort for you. Like you said, religion shouldn't stop us from caring, and I do, really do. :''(

Oh dear, another poem that I will probably pick the wrong person again... But I love the poetry! :))

Hear I go...

Okay, AMAZING poem, I am probably totally off, but is it Red or one of the three little pigs? I am sure I am wrong :'(... Oh dear, I am starting to worry, I don't like being wrong.

Well the reason I thought it was red was because the lines, oh nope. It's not red. "He would still be here", so it couldn't be red's grandmother...

Maybe it's one of the three little pigs? There all boys? TELL ME IT'S THAT!

"Besides the wind that set tearing", that's why I pick the three little pigs, or one of them? I probably am totally wrong.. who cares :)

GREAT poem! Totally awesomesauce!

4/29/2012 c1 Hello
Uncle Jake? Your poems are nice
4/25/2012 c14 jfdnvdjfgerg
So *snif* sad *snif*...that story about the plane threw me TOTALLY off balance! *sinf *snif* *snifety* *snif*

I'm okay now, thought ;)


Mmmmhhhh...I'm not sure what I'd do if aliens where here. I'd probably panic...and throw stuff at them if they get near.

About that, today a friend did a TOTALLY AWSOME thing. She's afraid of most people (I mean MEAN people). So today we were at recess sitting behind a thing next to the bleachers, we were all alone (like, me and my friend and nobody else) when we heard the voice of this bully that scares my friend to death coming closer. She froze, literaly, but then sudenly she jumped to her feet and threw the first thing she saw down the bleachers (where the bullies where). And guess what it was...a QUESADILLA! A jumy CHEESE QUESADILLA! And it hitted the boy right on the head!

I laughed SOOOO hard!
4/25/2012 c14 20WireWriter
I get a shout-out? Thank you! I didn't realize I was the first person... :)

I am also very tremendously sorry for your and your family's loss. That hit pretty home pretty hard.

Okay, guessing time! Henry? It seemed clear when you reached the 'hiding his life' part.

What would it take for me to believe aliens were attacking?

A: Some pretty good proof! If someone were to come to my house dragging an armed alien behind them, I'd probably believe them. (Unless they were my idiotic friends.)

What would I do?

A: I would...write a letter to my FanFiction readers explaining my absence and warning of the invasion and post it. Then, I would stuff food in my backpack and hike to some woods that are conveniently near my house.

I loved this poem! I get annoyed at the other stories that blow Henry out of proportion. This was amazing, again. :)

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