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4/24/2012 c14 Kathie
Yo! Your best reviewer ditched you! Oh I'm so ashamed. *hangs head* I am SSOOOO sorry Shireen! Anyways, your answers:

What would it take? Nothing. I'm crazy enough to try PERSUADING people to believe it yo. :)

And what woudl I do? Why, I'd take my Platomonkeycorn army and join forces with the aliens! Duh! Then I'd take over the world and become supreme overlord, where I would force people to read your poetry and review! And like it! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

*small cough*

Sorry, may have gotten a little carried away there. Anyways, I think this one is Jake. You know, since he thinks he's the cause of his father's death and all. And you're so right! He IS totally exaggerated. Anyways, I LOVED your poem this time (and every time).

As far as the problem in Pakistan, I heard about that too and I as well was glued to the news. All my prayer goes out to your mom's family, and I hope that God gives them the strength and courage to get through this awful thing. And I'm not just saying that. I too saw the screaming an pain. All the hopes of recovery to them.

Anyways, I always enjoy reading your poems, they're so calming and beautifully written. I wish I had HALF of the talent you have. OH! That reminds me! I wrote a haiku for you! :)

Dear poem yoda:

Your words are a trickling stream

In a pretty wood. :)

Ahhh, metaphorical haikus. My specialty. :) anyways, I eagerly await your next update, as I always do. Keep writing! (and WOW, this is ÜBER long)
4/24/2012 c14 PenguinLoverGurl

QotD Numero One-o: Well, first, I would need to see one of my famous visions in my ma-shed potatoes. Then, I'd need Daphne to call me on my mobile cellular communication device (it's this really cool thing they invented where you can move and talk on a phone AT THE SAME TIME! *GASPERS!*) and tell me that Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes came to her front door asking for unicorns and brownies. Lastly-est, I would need Suzanna, the chimpanzee hanging from my fan, to go, 'AAAAAHHHHH! EEEEEHH-EEEEHHHH-OOOOOOOOH! AUUUUUUUUGGHA! WABBA WABBA!' meaning, 'help my butt is on fire because thealiens shot it with their pointy things'.

QotD Numero Two-o-o: Well, (againzers) Eugene would actually AGREE (it's a miracle! HALLELUJEH!) with me, so I would bring my beach chair outside with a bag of popcorn and start tanning from all the pointy thingummy's bright lights (I'm considerably pale-ishhhhhh). Then, when I was a nice caramel color, I would offer some cheese curds (not turds) to the aliens. Marvin the Martian (being the nice boy he is) would kindly accept. Only then would the actual situation be clear to me, and I wouls start running around in my snuggle-buggle pajammers and fuzz bear slippers wailing, 'MOMMY! MOMY! THE SCURRY (the FUNNER way of saying scary!) ALIEN GREEN MAN WITH A DISTORTED VOICE TOOK MY CHEESE CURDS! I NEED MORE CHEESE CURDS! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!'. Eugene would wake up from his nap (turns out he was sleeping when he agreed with me. Darners) and give me three dollaroos to buy more cheese curds. Lastly-est-er, I would ride off with Marvin the Martian and his alien friends where cheese curds are infinite.

O.M.Freakin.G-ers. That is SOOOOOOOOOOO Jake! (yes, Eugene! Jake, not Elvis!) With that mistake of accimidentally causing his father's death...yeah.

Praise the Lord! I haven't read book 9 either! For a moment there, I felt alone...

May the Lord bless you and you love ones! (In an acronym, MtLBYaYLO!)

4/24/2012 c14 1GrimmSabrina
well, it would probably take 2 or 3 hours of convincing, then aliens to come into my yard, say 'et phone home' and ask me to take them to my leader. i guess id be going to the white house 1st class with et.

next question: if aliens were invading the earth, id go to a junkyard, grab some stuff, clean it (im a bit of a germiphobe. is that how you spell it?) use it to make a boat, get a plate and superglue a handle to it as a shield against alien laser guns, get a knife as a weapon against ninja aliens like et jackie chan or something. i might even get some homemade nunchucks that i might accidentally hit myself in the face with- aliens beware!-sail off to an uncharted island that has fruit trees and stuff and live there in a cave for the rest of my life. problem solved.

and im so sorry for your loss. your mom must be devastated.

ps i dont know who this is about.
4/24/2012 c14 16archerway-a
Jake? No, you already did a poem on him, wait, you said they over exaggerate this character and...


That took me three minutes. *facepalm*

Beautiful poem. :)

What would it take for you to believe aliens were invading the earth?

Seeing an alien.

And what would you do if aliens were actually invading the earth?

I'd... probably ask them to kill me in the quickest way possible. I don't want to have to endure pain and suffering.

4/24/2012 c14 Cat
Sorry, I read it again and realized who it was. Henry. I feel stupid now :/ I have an excuse, though! I was multi tasking!

4/24/2012 c14 Cat
Sorry, I read it again and realized who it was. Henry. I feel stupid now :/ I have an excuse, though! I was multi tasking!

4/24/2012 c14 Cat
I want to say Uncle Jake, but I'm nearly positive he's already been used.

I care a lot about all those people!

Random Guys answer was my favorite :)

If they were attacking, I would just show them my dad's constipated face. They would pee their pants. Seriously, it's THAT scary. Terrifying, even. I'm cringing as I think of it. Yelch.

Why, I could tell you what mental hospital I reside at. It's called Andalascia's Constitution of State of Delusion. I love it there! They treat me well... Other than the spitballs, lack of food, and the unsanitary prison cells...

Just kidding. My family just frequently beats me with crowbars.

4/24/2012 c14 6TheAfterShock
...but, but I'm the leprauchuan that rocks her I'm just as ready to answer: ) okay... I don't think we even needed the clues- Henry right? Anyway... OMG ( yes, I just used that.) I listened to this adio drama that was about that...its awesome right? Id probably team up wih Cat, and join em. Cause if they were invading- we wouldn't be the victors. good poem. I FINALLY get what you were talking about! The portraying emotions- not just trying to rhyme...


Tuttyfruitty aardvark. :)
4/21/2012 c13 20WireWriter
Granny Relda. For sure. And this was...a brilliant capture of her spunk. Her need to help the needy. Her faith in those who have none. But also, her weaknesses that people overlook. Breathtaking. Good job.

Okay, the question. Um...I find spike covered shoes/heels annoying. What the hell is the point? It's not attractive or useful. I just- ugh. :)

See, I ended with a smiley. Not too mean now, right?

4/21/2012 c12 WireWriter
Prince Charming? No... Puck's father? Um...Oberon! Yeah, Oberon! I knew when I read the son part. Very refreshing to see him in our Sisters Grimm stories. I think I've seen him once or twice. And, I have to applaud you for having such a good poem on a character who was in the series once. That takes talent. :)

4/21/2012 c11 WireWriter
It's not Canis. Companion - usually pet - FerryPort pets are Elvis. So...Elvis? I have figured out your scheme! Eh, I have no clue what that was. Oh, and I love our recognition on this highly deserving character. :)

4/21/2012 c10 WireWriter
No freaking clue. But it does describe my in some way...

I loved it. Its simplicity. Its amazingness. How to tell a loooong story in such a simple (yet brilliant) poem. Lovely. Just lovely.

4/21/2012 c9 WireWriter
Mirror? Terribly wrong, huh? I know...

Great job. Like all the others. :) magnificent. It confused me, but isn't that kinda the point? xD

4/21/2012 c8 WireWriter
Cinderella? Her husband, Tom? I'm wrong, aren't I? Oh well...

Okay. I have to say: great character development. No matter what character. I think this is a GREAT insight to our dear FerryPort Landing's friend's minds.

4/21/2012 c7 WireWriter
Basil! You know, the baby one, not the dead one :)

I loved the "born into war" lines because it describes Basil SO appropriately!

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