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4/21/2012 c6 20WireWriter
You know...I can honesty say I have no clue. Um...none whatsoever. But, this story, I think, can reflect society in a weird way. The strive for perfection but the horror of realizing someone already has it. This poem's simplicity and format really upgraded it. Love love love.

4/21/2012 c5 WireWriter
You know, I really wanted to say Mr. Canis but

I knew somewhere I was wrong. Pinocchio, no? Not a cry from a child or toy. That told me it was the spying puppet.

I loved it. It...explains? Pinnochio's fury at condescending people who see him only at what he looks like, a child

Very, very, terrific job.

4/21/2012 c4 WireWriter
Puck! I knew from the second line! Unless I am wrong then I would be horribly mortified. But I strongly doubt I am wrong. :) Over-confidence? No way. :)

Tricks and pranks and misfits and kingdoms. Jus what makes Puck our Trickster King. Great job.

4/21/2012 c3 WireWriter
Um, Snow? I don's really have a clue...good job. :) you stumped me.

Oh, and very good time management. Great writing comes during school, doesn't it?

Amazing, as always. Pressure and sinking. Kind of daily situations for some people, huh?

4/21/2012 c2 WireWriter
Daphne! (I am SO late in this...)

Aw, she kept smiling. This poem shows just how STRONG Daphne is. Marvelous.

4/21/2012 c1 WireWriter
I have bowed down to your virtual (to me, at least) command. I REVIEWED!

Okay, was this Sabrina? (Haven't looked at the other reviews, I rarely do.) :)

Ooh, and I love this! I loved poems like this! Unstructured, character development poems. Amazing.

4/19/2012 c13 ANannyMouse
Oh my gosh... You have no idea how awful I feel. :( Don't do your 'EVIL!REVIEWER'' rant at me, okay? I have 'til midnight to review as many of your stories as I can, so bear with me.

LOOOOOOOOK. MY NAME! XD :O twice, actually! I be in heaven.

For the record, 'whilst' is one of my favorite words ever. So you just earned MAJOR brownie points for this chapter. ;)

Okaaaay, so I loved this one. It like, SPOKE to me! 'Cause I could kind of relate to it, but on a smaller scale, of course. And I love how you did the six lines and three sets of rhymes thing. I know there's probably a real word for that, but like I've said, I don't do poetry.


The other day whilst (teeehheeeee) I was reading my World Lit book, I came upon the chapter of poetry and I groaned. Out loud. I just have such ISSUES with reading it. But I decided to just buck up and do it 'cause I don't want to fail my grade completely. So the first one was The Raven by dear old Mr. Poe.

I COULD NOT READ IT FOR THE LIFE OF ME! It took me forever to figure out that the rhymes were IN the line and not every other. But after a while I was like 'Okay. Pretend it's just one of Shireen's poems and I have to figure out who it's about.' and I swear, it WORKED! I made it through the poem (and the ten or so that followed) and I COMPREHENDED it. Seriously, I may sound super retarded and like 'omg who can't read The Raven?', but yeah, well, that's me. And I just want to thank you for majorly helping me out- in a round about way. :)

Oh yeah, this poem was about Granny. Easy Peasy, nice and cheesy. With sprinkles! Cheese and sprinkles. Yummmaay...

About a year ago I would have laughed at that joke, but now I'm doing the 'mature highschooler looking down on immature jr. highschoolers' eye roll. Or whatever grade the pervert was in.

Bahahahaha, I love the story about the reeeaallly short guy. XD I wish I could've seen it!

What I think is the most annoying fashion habit? Oh my. I have an... odd sense of fashion. And not the cool 'I find all sorts of cool vintage clothes for five bucks at the local thrift store' odd... More like... Meh. So I used to think that skinny jeans were really annoying. And I also used to be EXTREMELY annoyed at the "gangsters" who were "looking like some FOOLS with their pants on the ground!". But now the 'Let's take a visit back to the nineties' fad is annoying me. Like, hello. The nineties are done for a REASON. And the whole tights under shorts... and native American type clothes... Nothing against native Americans. Just it get's annoying when everyone's wearing schtuff like that and I'm sitting there in my jeans and T-shirt.

Woo. Rant. Sorry 'bout that. :) But you DIIID ask. ;) So yeah. I be done now.
4/13/2012 c13 arisha
Ok this has to be granny Relda it would fit no one else.

Oh yeah I remember that day it was so funny!

Its weird I’m only shy to say stuff like that to people I know but confident and don’t care to say that to strangers I don’t know.

Your related to me and there nothing you can do about it! :p

Ok well the thing I hate most about the fashion trend is ….. those stupid boys who low ride so much you can see there undies. And those girls who wear sooo short shirts and pants its like they are practically naked!

the one related to you weather you like it or not!:p
4/10/2012 c13 mazberrypieNLI
I've just come back from a horrible journey. A journey on which iPod touches go missing, like out thin air. One second it was in my pocket next *poof* I can't find it anywhere. It's awful. So anywho, I still come to review? "How do you do this, Maz?" You may ask. To that I would reply, "I stole my sisters Mac." :)

IT'S GRANNY! Where are you, oh elderly amazing person? Micheal, if anything happens to her, you will pay dearly.

On that cheery note, Keep writing!

4/10/2012 c13 26Lara D

So when I was in Miami yesterday, we went to the Outlet (like an outside mall) and we went to the food court -guess what one of the stores was named? TUTTI FRUTTI. No joke. I thought of you and I started laughing randomly, then my parents looked at me funny. XD

Relda, riiiight? But YAY! I got Oberon right...

Wait, why didn't you put our conversation for your readers in this chapter? Remember? The one where I threaten to not put a FTFT sequel? XD

Fashion, huh? I can't say I like everything. Um...short-shorts. Like real REAL, short, short-shorts. :) I mean, I can handle those a few inches above the knees, but not ones that look like underwear. Or like lingerie. *shudders* It's pretty terrifying if you think of it. Just think of a Victoria Justice model with your face on it, wearing short-shorts. The guys might like it (perverts they are) but it's far from modesty, yes? It's like a baby wearing...wearing...well, I can't imagine babies wearing anything bad. ^^ My answer probably doesn't make sense, but in short: I don't like underwear short-shorts because it's self explanatory.

Hakuna Matata! XD

4/9/2012 c13 jfdnvdjfgerg
GRANNY RELDA! is it her, is it her? I'm almost a 100% sure she is...

Mmmmmm...a hateful fashion trend...mmmmmmmm...I'd say anything that uses a famous guy to get publicity, turns real famous and its stuff isn't really worth it
4/9/2012 c1 TheAfterShock NLI
Nice poem BtW, but since you've been bugging me to just answer the stupid question, here I am. Answering the question.

What's my least favorite fashion trend and WHY. well, here's my answer:

Lady Gaga stuff.


It's like... a butcher's shop threw up on her, or better yet, one of those chinese crested dogs was SKINNED and stuck on her. Is that not animal cruelty? I say it's HUMAN CRUELTY to just have to LOOK at her.

well, there's my answer. I hope youer happy :)

4/9/2012 c13 1GrimmSabrina
AIEEEEEE! I GOT A DEDICATION!*hyperventilates* sorry, i dont usually get dedications. ever. but, yeah, granny.

My least favorite fashion trend is baggy clothes. theres this kid in my grade, and ill admit i thing hes pretty hot, but absolutely NONE of his clothes fit him. at lunch, the meanest teacher in the school started screaming at him for not wearing fitted clothes. he said, "if you don't pull your pants up now and start wearing clothes your size, by God i'll come to your house in the middle of the night, give you a Bieber cut, and change all of your clothes to girl's fit and skinny jeans." Needless to say, he stopped wearing the baggy clothes. gotta love your mean teachers for some reason, even though hes not mean to me because im his favorite student because he knows my brother. tee hee.
4/9/2012 c13 PenguinLoverGurl

Well, the most annoying fashion trend to me are 'Bieber Bangs' and skinny jeans

I mean, with all the flipping of the Bieber Bangs, you'd think they had a twitching problem!

And why buy jeans that are gonna cut off your circulation? Why not just go ahead and cut of your legs?
4/9/2012 c13 PenguinLoverGurl
AIEEEEEEEEE! Seriously? Favorite reviewer? Man, I keep getting complimented by SO many authors! Y'all are nicer than some of my best friends! Fo' see'us! (my brother's slang for 'for serious')

It's Granny Relda, isn't it? Eugene told me it was Elvis. Now I know never to trust him again...

If you are my friend you will never ask me to describe what Eugene forced me too do. But if you ever find out, please know that 1) Eugene completly took over my body. 2) It was nasty...*shudders* and 3) At least I got Carol to do it too...

EVERYONE is dirty or nasty in SOME way...except a select few includong you and me.

Example 1: Okay, so we're at recess and Coby (no 'L' plain Coby) starts chasing Katie, one of my BFF's,and HIS PANTS COMPLETELY FALL DOWN. ALL THE WAY. TO THE GROUND. Thank the Lord he had underwear. I'm scared to think of what I would have seen if he didn't...

Example 2: My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Straka, said that she was at the beach, and a bunch of white (I'm not racist; it's just easier than saying caucasian. I'm actually white myself) 'gangsters' were walking by with their boxers showing. Like the jeans were at least an 1 1/2 inches below the boxers. And they were cussing.

Like HARD cussing.

So Mrs.Straka started talking about how there were little kids at the beach that didn't need to hear those words, and how no one needed to see their, (and I'm quoting her) 'man panties'.

So, in response, they called her a b- and showed her the middle finger. Then, she called the police and reported them. So the gangsters ran off while pulling their pants up.

And get this: the police call was FAKE. I loved Mrs. Straka :)

Ummm...After reviewing all that, I don't remember the QoD. Sowwy. But I'll review again!


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