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3/25/2012 c12 2haileyyxo
My best friend laughed at Rue'd death! -.- I was so mad. And I wished they showed more KatnissxPeeta that was in the book. But they kept it pretty close and the cast was good, so I loved it :D

Omg I LOOOVE your poetry! It's amazing!
3/25/2012 c12 26Lara D
Thoughts: Briar? No... Moth? Nah... OMG! Oberon! Right? Right? Actually, I didn't analyze the poem. I was just looking at Wattpad (talked about in Ch. 55's bottom A/N with the boyxboy thing and Puck) and I remembered the dog's name was Oberon so I was like, "Wait a second...OMG! Did I get it right this time?"








If I didn't, I will throw a fit, scream like a banshee, and hop on each foot like my feet are burning and roll on the floor.

Teem Peeta, of course. I've liked him even before HG and J2:TMI. He was great in Bridge to Terabithia. :)

My HANDs HURTS! Goodanighta! ^^

3/25/2012 c12 Cat
Oberon. It's Oberon. At first I was thinking Moth, then I was like NOPE!

I skipped half of the A/N cause it was really long and I wanted to beat Red, that didn't work, but I agree with polotics (brain fart) when it bugs me. Too lazy to make that make sense.

Personally, I think Peeta's nice attitude gets annoying. But Gale is so stupid. So I guess I'll pick Peeta...

3/25/2012 c12 16archerway-a
I dont know why but I'm supposing Oberon.

Anyway. I'm Team Gale! Not as in, I think he's hotter but by standards of. Katniss should've ended up with him! Grr...

I laughed a little when Rue was like “Is it true, you and him?” But only a little. My friends were in hysterics. I felt bad for Gale, and did an inner aww... The Capitol looks so nice! My friend who's obsessed with Twilight now likes Hunger Games better.

Plus, the same girl, had to leave because her mom called her, during the part where Haymitch was telling Katniss that she has to pretend to be madly in love with Peeta at the end. So when she came back, it was around the time when Katniss was all 'I couldn't live without him' And she was like “Airene! Look! True love!”

And then she got all bum when we told her she was pretending...

I watches it twice, the first time was free, and noisy due to the questions of my friends who have no idea what's it about.

Your poems were great!

3/25/2012 c12 PenguinLoverGurl
I SO SOWWY! Okay, so the reason I didn't review chap 11 was cuz FF said it wasn't there. Which sucked. Then I got grounded for...reasons for which Eugene would be proud of.

Oh! Speaking of Eugene he said that for your head problem, you should get lots of rest, stay hydrated, stay away from most electronics (with the exception of updating) and rub/massage your temples. He said that makes him feel...tingly to use a better word.

Is the person Moth? IDK for sure. Heck, for all I understood (which wasn't much; it's Eugene's off week) the character could be Red or Canis.

I am SOOOO team Peeta. I have a HUGE crush on J0sh Hutcherson. How DARE those people laugh at Rue! How DARE they! Who laughs when people die? Absolutely narrsisistic, concieted, self-centered, obnoxious jerks. And for all the 'awww's, well, all these drama and tragedy shows have made Americans WAY too sensitive and sappy.

Oh! I forgot to say: whenever I review, I will end with HDU, PLG. HDU stands for Happy Ducklings United. Because together, we CAN make ducklings happy.


3/25/2012 c12 6TheAfterShock
Team Peeta. sorry, he reminds me just to much of my brother. not that I like my brother, ok this is getting way weird. ignore that.

anyway...I thought it was Notingham. I think I'm losing my touch guessing though. but anyway...yeah. ok, good bye for now. :)
3/20/2012 c11 Big Sister
I knew you would know.

OK anyway for companion i think it would be Elvis.

I just _ your poems.

Can't wait for you to _!

I wish I could be like you and _ a good _!

This is getting _ right?

Good luck and _!
3/19/2012 c11 arisha
yeah! u updated!:D

while i was sleeping! u really want me to guess then review? when u don't tell me the character? :p

well iam reviewing so u better be happy!

OK so this character is not really hard for me because i know ur writing and i know other people have already said this but i think its ELVIS!

OK how i think iam probably right but how on earth can u write a poem about a dog? like weird! but yeah it rhymes and makes sense so good job! :D :i :C D;


random laugh...

woooooooooooooo iam crazy!

whatever! fine! be like that! hhhhmmmh so there!

that was just some random word

well see ya ...wait i live with u soooo hi!

~ Ur weird sister ARISHA!

P.S this i a really long review with really weird word so u better be happy! lalalalalala

LOL i got to stop eating all this sugar !
3/19/2012 c11 GrimmSabrina
3/19/2012 c11 ANannyMouse
Hi hi hi! I'm revoooooing! :D

I loved this one! I don't know why I like this one so much, but I just DO! It was very easy to read and the rhyming was awesome. I like my rhymes.

And I know who the character is! It's Elvis isn't it? I was gonna say Puck, but the part of about them never giving him what he wants the most (SAUSAGES) got me. Right here. *pats the part of my chest that's over my heart very cheerily* I'm gonna start tearing up now... ;D

Anyways! Like I said, I really enjoyed this one! As for a good book to read... There. are. so. many! Are you into classics? 'Cause The Three Musketeers is good, as well as The Count of Monte Cristo, both of which are by Alexandre Dumas. Then for eeaassyyy reading there is always The Series of Unfortunate Events. And the Chronicles of Narnia. AND the oh-so-popular Hunger Games. Oh, and I've never actually read it, but on my bookshelf there's a book called The Thirteenth Tale. It looks interesting, but I haven't had time to read it. :( But yeah! Suggestions I gave!

Oh my gosh. Dumb Guy sounds like such an idiot. And your insults sounded like insults that I would make. I approve completely. :D

Until next time! ;D
3/18/2012 c11 Kathie

I just kept reading and reading and reading the poem because Red just doesn't sit right with me! Think I cheat all you want, but I don't like doing that. I know I was late on reviewing this poem, so I'm going to use my detective skills and say other people have reviewed already, but I swear I didn't read them. Anyways, one word just kept sitting with me:


CLOTHES. No one ever made Red wear green, why the heck is she complaining about that? No one ever lays their head on her when they cry! She doesn't run out to protect in the middle of the night! And why does the narrator keep calling the Grimm family "people"?


And then it hit me. Elvis! I'm such an idiot. Please disregard my last guess, unless there's some "you can only guess once" claus in which case I'm soooooo wrong. lol, keep writing! :)
3/18/2012 c11 Kathie
DUDE! I WAS ALLLLLLL MUSTARDSEED until your AN freaked me out and made me think about it for like 30 minutes! :P I'm still saying Mustardseed, though (for chapter 10).

Just so you know, I kinda skipped this chapter (chapter 11)'s AN. I hope nothing important was in any of the reviews or what you typed, I'm kinda busy with biology. *facepalm*

Also, awww thanks for missing me! (My name was in bold so I just HAD to read that part) I was doing a play for the Shakespeare festival. And I mean writing, creating, being in, directing, fixing, editing, and finally producing, a play. It was a modernization of "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" if you were wondering. :)


"Some people might not understand how awesome reading is, and if you don't you're seriously missing out."


You're like my Yoda. *looks upon with admiration*. :)

Oh! Characters! I'm so sorry I forgot. lol. Aww I feel cool now. Of course I'm sorry I don't have an account (yet), so I can't PM them to you! Ok ummm...



Jacob (from Twilight [xP Blech]. That will freak people out. xD LOL!)

ummmm... jee wizz this is hard.





As you can see I am a total fail at this... a couple more, don't want the list to be too small...



And finally, ummmmm...


As for my guess for this chapter...

Well at first I thought Puck, but you already did him and I read your bottom AN (I really need to get my priorities straight lol). Now I'm thinking Red, because I was going to choose Canis but last I knew he was NOT viewed as a little flower... and besides, how can you be worse than the wolf if you ARE the wolf... and why would you mention being worse than yourself in third person... unless you were nuts... which he kind of is... MOVING ON! :P

So ya, I'm guessing Red.

Good book?

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien.

(re)read the Harry Potter series

The Lovely Bones

Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

And, in honor of the midnight premier (THAT I'M TOTALLY GOING TO! WOOT WOOT!) THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy! :)

Nice conversation. Like I said, you are my Yoda. :) Well sorry for the UBER long review! :) Keep writing! (Don't make excuses.)

Unicorns. :P
3/18/2012 c11 emilydd
Is it... Elvis?
3/18/2012 c10 emilydd
! ?
3/18/2012 c11 26Lara D
First I thought it was Mr. Canis, then Granny, then Red, then Granny, then Mr. Canis. But you said beast so...Canis? Oh whatever. XD You know I never get these things right... Awesome poem, as per usual! ^^

That Dumb Guy sounds...well, dumb. You really will never get anywhere in life by not reading. Heck, everyone in my grade (even the ones who put down reading) have read a chapter book at least once in their life. :) And Reading is just entertaining when you have the right story!

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