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3/2/2012 c9 6TheAfterShock
I'm not meaning to be a jerk for reviewing just so you know.

Puss in Boots.

My favorite word : aardvark

I call people that, instead of saying other...profanities. Cuz, I've never sworn, I plan to keep it that way, so there's Aardvark which is a noun (You Aardvark!) and jerkadoodle which is also a noun (you Jerkadoodle!) and then there's Frizzle Nuts. (Oh frizzle nuts.) yeah...I'm smartical for coming up with those and you know it. :) k, I'm done.
2/29/2012 c8 Itsme
Hiiii shireen its me :P I like ur goal, its so sweet... why u so mean 2 me tho and nice to all ur online ppls :'( your poem was super dramatic but hey, i never read the book so i can't really judge lol...wait. WHY am I reviewing this if I can't judge.. Oh ya, because imma good friend and I keep promises :)
2/29/2012 c8 ANannyMouse
Hello! Apparently the review I wrote for this a while ago never went through, because it's not there. -.- So I shall review again! :D

Wow, the last one was Basil? I think I should go and make sure that I didn't accidentally miss a poem... Hmm...

But this one! Ahaha, it rhymes! :D It makes it so much easier for me to read if it rhymes. And then it seems to have more of a rhythm and all that jazz. :)

"Never get the desired/Happiness within." -I'm thinking that should be 'got'.

Yeah, so, I really liked this one. It was formatted differently than the other ones, I think, and I like this a lot. Seriously. This whole 'guess the character' thing is helping me a TON! 'Cause I used to just really quick read through poetry, not really paying attention, just trying to get it over with. But that doesn't work when you have to pay attention to what you're saying so I can try and guess what the character is. But then I kind of forgot what I was trying to do because I kind of... got lost in the poem itself. In a good way. So now I know that I have to take my time with poetry. :) So CONGRATULATIONS for making me learn to appreciate and enjoy reading your poems. :D

As for the character... Um. About halfway through I thought it was Uncle Jake. But now I'm not so sure... Maybe Cinderella? Or Alice? No. I'm still leaning towards UJ. So who was it? :)
2/28/2012 c1 DLMA3
2/28/2012 c8 MiniMauveMagpie
Hahahahaa. Lol.. I know how to review already!

So thanks for making me laugh :D

I think... Hmmm... I'm not sure... Again... But is it... Jake?
2/28/2012 c7 MiniMauveMagpie
Hmmm... I'm not sure... But is it Basil?

"It has been. Born. In a world of war."

That reminds me of him :)

I'll check the next chapter and see!
2/28/2012 c3 HOMMEROOM


2/27/2012 c8 nooneknows
HMMMMM... is it Cinderella's husband Tom?
2/27/2012 c8 jfdnvdjfgerg
Ohmygosh! You write great poetry!

Mmmmmm...I really can't guess this one, maybe later the answer will come.
2/27/2012 c8 TheAfterShock
Ok, so here I am, doing as you asked, reviewing.

Uh...this sorta makes me...confuzzled?

I thought that it was Uncle Jake, cuz you said something about addiction, and how (his) crime wouldnt be a crime if it was just a game. and how (he) ran away. Is that right?


Cinderella, totally random, doesn't make sense, but you said something about a clock.

but, my guess is Uncle Jake. not sure, and congrats for making them so hard!
2/26/2012 c8 Jumpin.Jilly
Oh My G-O-D. I was mentioned, I was MENTIONED I fell so honored! Yipee me, Thanks and I love your poems. But honestly I don't know who this poem _Game_ is about.

2/26/2012 c8 PenguinLoverGurl
! *HAS HEART ATACK* *REVIVES* FAINTS AND IS ON THE VERGE OF DEATH* *EDWARD CULLEN COMES IN AND MAKES ME A VAMPIRE SO I CAN LIVE* OH MY MELTIN FUDGE! I simplycannot believe that you ACTUALLY DEDICATED A CHAPTER TO ME! AAAAAHHHHH! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much! I am at a loss for words (and that almost NEVER happens). My thinker box is coming with the result that the person mentioned is Uncle Jake. But yeah, many people have probably been plotting against us since the day of our birth because we are just too randomly amazing for this universe to handle. And yes, all the stuff I said was true, except for the toilet paper to a teacher one. But once I gave my reacher a stick of deodorant for Christmas! She never picked my hand for the rest of the year. I love you too, Mrs.Gorpan! ;) Please update this amazingly wondertastic fanfiction that warms me down to the bottoms of my toesies! Now, if you'll excuse me, I must find some animal blood before I eat my family. (You thought I was gonna let you forget about the whole Edward Cullen thing, huh?) Kk, bye!
2/26/2012 c8 Cat
If this review has a lot of errors its because I'm on my moms phone.

You know, I'm pretty sure this one is about Red, but I'm not sure. Tricky and downright difficult are very different. Give me something to go on other than dead people ;P Jk. I liked it the way it was.

Ciao blitz!
2/26/2012 c8 8SweetShireen
OKAY...I know I'm not supposed to be reviewing my own story, but everyone so far thinks its hard so I'm gonna give you a clue...if you're even bothering to read this.

It is a person who has lost family and someone they loved dearly.

The person is not a very minor character .

I think that gave alot please try to figure it out.

If you already guessed you can guess again, it's okay.
2/26/2012 c8 1GrimmSabrina
is it cinderella?

she passed out because she saw a bug. the worst part is, it was a ladybug... i won't ever let her live that down... lol :D sorry the review is short.
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