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6/10/2014 c17 AliceGrim76
NO IDEA. Man you just had to make this one so hard for me!

wait...WHAT this is the last chapter? No way, girl! When are you gonna write more?
6/10/2014 c16 AliceGrim76
*does some serious thinking* ...
Seven? You know cause he's like short and all...
6/10/2014 c15 AliceGrim76
YESSS! I KNEW IT! (thankyou ,God!) :) Oh DestinyBlue? Im gonna search her up

this is definitely Red.

(I know it;s late but still) To you Qod: -this happened just yesterday- I was doing my music exam and Dad came at the door to pick me up since I had no ride home.
My music teacher: Alice, can you please tell your boyfriend to wait outside?
My Dad: starts laughing like a maniac and is like I know i'm young and hot and all but Alice is my daughter sir.
Music teacher: ohhhhhhh...
Me: please kill me

God that was soooooooooo embarrassing!
6/10/2014 c14 AliceGrim76
Did I already review this?
6/10/2014 c12 AliceGrim76
Wrong again.:(

Is it Henry?
6/10/2014 c11 AliceGrim76
I'm gonna guess this as Mirror-hopefully i'm right ;p
6/10/2014 c10 AliceGrim76
Ok I know this is Musterseed.

By the way, I forgot to say this before but I reallly like how you twisted these poems into mysteries and the readers guess who it is! It really brings you in and it's actually fun-Other poem fics arn't as fun to read as yours.

Andddddd I really love your story cover! did you make it?
6/10/2014 c9 AliceGrim76
Noooooo! IT WAS JAKE? Ugh why am i so bad at this?
whatever I have no idea who this is though...(You've gotten really good with this poetry thing!)
6/10/2014 c8 AliceGrim76
YES! I knew it! These are awesome poems by the way I actually really love reading them!

Ok this one is... Red riding hodd?
6/10/2014 c7 AliceGrim76
uhhhhhh! Why am I so bad at this? I should have known it was Bunny!

I am gonna guess this one is Basil (the baby one-not the grandpa) please let me be right...
6/10/2014 c6 AliceGrim76
Damn! Wrong again! Ummmmmm this one... is it Briar Rose?
6/10/2014 c5 AliceGrim76
I think this is Mirror...
I really like this one gets me really into it!
6/10/2014 c4 AliceGrim76
Oh it was the little Mermaid!? damn I should have guessed that!
this one is Puck.
6/10/2014 c3 AliceGrim76
Ok I take back what I said-this one isn't as easy- I actually have no ides who it is!

This is great poetry by the way!
6/10/2014 c2 AliceGrim76
this is easy- Daphne :)
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