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1/2/2013 c17 anger.issues
Okay, my guess is Mirror. 'Cause since he's in Granny's body, she's brought her own downfall'...

You've got good resolutions! Number five isn't cheesy at all! :)

Here are mine:
1. Stop procrastinating
2. Wake up earlier
3. Brush my hair more often
4. Update my story more often
5. Lose some weight
6. Become more social
7. And to actually follow through with these resolutions, haha. :D

When I say 'Be more social', its because I'm a bit of an antisocial person. I always feel a bit happier and friendlier online because I don't have ti worry about people judging me, since they can't really see me.
I mean, I have friends, and I know a lot of people, it's just...I act differently. I'm a bit...I dunno, 'depressed' isn't the right word for it, but around there.

On a happier note, I also really want to go to New York. Or get singing lessons. Or acting lessons.

...Am I an overachiever? I think I am...

Oh! I need to stop talking to myself. One kid caught me talking to myself ABOUT talking to myself. It was embarrassing, but I saved myself with a sarcastic comment that refuses to be remembered.

Happy New Year! :D
1/1/2013 c17 Hannie-huggable2
I suck at guessing do I don't know who the poem is about. xD

Also. I don't have a resolution. One can never
achieve the art of being perfect. So why try? Just live life to the fullest, and love who you are.
1/1/2013 c17 16archerway-a
Rumpelstiltskin! I'm sure of it! This was a really great poem, as always. :)

My New Year's resolution is...

"Using my indoor voice"

My sister gave it to me, because I'm "too loud" and she always has to remind me with "Airene! Indoor voice!". :P
1/1/2013 c17 3Trikster Queen
Mirror? Canis? I'm not sure.

QotD: Same as last years: Clean my room and be more organized. There was more on last years list, but I can't find it. It's probably in my room somewhere...
1/1/2013 c17 Liberty
Well, at first I was thinking it had to be Canis, but the end of the fourth paragraph doesn't really go, with all the "until me scheme is complete" thing. So then I was thinking It was Mirror, but that doesn't make a lot of sence ether, and then you said it's easy and I'm like "Whaaa?!" so, yeah. I have no idea, if it WAS one of those however, please say I'm a winner! :) And, the ostrich thing, well when I was little I was at a zoo and this ostrich come up to me face and goes "AWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAA AAAAAW!" AND SCARED ME TO DEATH. so yeah.

I have NO new years resulotions, never have
1/1/2013 c5 3InactiveOrphanAccount
Mirror, he's trapped inside a mirror, and betrayed by everyone who he ever knew, thrown out, and sold like an old chair, never knowing love, unable to escape the world that is the mirror, no one to truly talk to, or relate to the feeling of being trapped he has.
1/1/2013 c4 InactiveOrphanAccount
Who could it be, hmm...Is it Peter Pan? No...Oh, I know, it's Puck, Trickster King, crown prince of Fairie, King of the wrong side of the tracks, spiritual leader of delinquents, know-it-alls, and punks.
1/1/2013 c3 InactiveOrphanAccount
I have very little idea who this is I can only think Uncle Jake when Briar died
1/1/2013 c2 InactiveOrphanAccount
Daphne I love that one the perfect balance of sadness and happiness
I think puck is next
1/1/2013 c1 InactiveOrphanAccount
Sabrina Grimm easy I like this poem its sad and dark but explanatory and it makes sense
1/1/2013 c17 jhope
My guess is Mr Canis.
QotD: 1. Stop drinking soda out of the bottle. .
2. Stop procrasinating.
1/1/2013 c17 26Lara D
Sorry this took me longer than it should have (I should've reviewed like an hour ago)! I couldn't remember if you were allowed to make poems for the same person twice, so I went back and looked at ALL chapters and found who it was about (took me that whole hour). By the way, the order is:

1 Sabrina
2 Daphne
3 Little Mermaid
4 Puck
5 Pinocchio
6 Bunny Lancaster
7 Basil
8 Uncle Jake
9 Puss in Boots
10 Mustardseed
11 Elvis
12 Oberon
13 Granny Relda
14 Henry
15 Red Riding Hood
16 Seven

If you were wondering. :)

But I found that Mr. Canis was not used, so he's my guess for this poem. :D

Now, my New Year's Resolution...

My New Year's Resolution is to become happier through my expressions and actions.

Has anybody told you that people "have different personalities" offline than online? I think that applies to me in a way.

When I'm not on fanfiction, I'm a very nice person, but I guess I'm nice on fanfiction, too, haha! But online, I get to be myself and be crazy and not care of what people will think because they can't see me. I'm SO happy. I smile more when reading FFs or emails or whatever...

But offline, I'm nice, but I don't seem happy. People say it takes more muscle to frown than to smile or vice versa, but for me -I frown so much. I dislike it. The people around me keep their distance from me because I seem...scary, I guess. Because I can't smile very often.

So when I mean, "through my expressions and actions," I mean I want to smile and laugh more in the real world because I seem like such a know.

And I'd also like to be less bipolar-ish. I might be smiling one second, then having a serious expression the next (it would come in handy if I knew how to act).

But on a lighter note, I'd like to TRY TO MEET MICHAEL BUCKLEY OR RICK RIORDAN! Oh my gosh, I SO want to do that! Aggh, it's crazy!

I also want to meet a FF friend in real life. I almost did when I went to Orlando (Krys and Mel) and when I went to New Jersey (Curlscat) and when I went to California (I think it was Llamacornrider or something).

But yeah...oh! I'd also like my siblings and I to have less fights and more getting along-ness. :)

Heehee, thanks for the poem! :D

1/1/2013 c17 3peasa it Mr. Canis? Or have you done him already?

I think it could also be Mirror, unless you've done him too. I'll have to check.

I really like this poem! It has a nice flow, and it's very dramatic.


I have absolutely no New Year's resolutions, mostly because I never keep them. (I know, I'm terrible!)
12/30/2012 c16 43Curlscat
Got it right again!

Oh, hey! Now I'm actually caught up!

QotD: The idea of forever terrifies me. Just... going on and on and on? It's kind of messed up my faith, 'cause I can't really think about Heaven without thinking about the fact that it NEVER ends. And I'm so scared of forever that the idea of NOT being scared of it anymore terrifies me. That and tight spaces. Those freak me out.

Mr. Seven? He's short, and he's dead now, so that could be the soul flying thing. And Charming figuratively looked down on him for most of his life.
12/30/2012 c15 Curlscat
Nope. Got it wrong. I went with the exaggerate thing, but yeah, HENRY gets exaggerated a billion times more than Daphne.

Red. Crazy Red.

You did a good job on the mood.
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