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9/2/2018 c1 uA3LW
Veri n1c3itQst0rioQ
1/21/2015 c10 27TETRACIDE
Try not to add lines in between. It disrupts the flow.

Also try to describe the expressions instead of using just one word adjective. For example, instead of saying 'she gave a worried look,' describe the look, like say 'she furrowed her brows as she stared at him, eyes demanding for details...' something like that
12/3/2014 c11 Are you okay
I only just found your story and I love it. It has been over a year since you updated but I hope you are doing better.
2/16/2014 c4 Guest
Wahh make more seiyuu ka stories ! We need more in this fandom. Idk why it's not popular! The manga is the best and it's made by a popular author! Ugh we need more love for this fandom :'( it's my fav manga ! I yearn for more fanfics and an anime! Lol plz make more stories!
7/2/2013 c9 andoshabby23
I feel very sad for you ..
4/17/2013 c11 6chico.hammit
I hope you family will get better and also your body. I'll wait anytime to read your story!
3/30/2013 c8 BlackfireASH
OMG its soooo soooo sweet! i cried! thumbs up for you! this is my first time crying over a fanfic!
3/27/2013 c11 KuroTenshiHime
;A; Emo-channnn! I'm sorry for all these problems. And although I can't tell you that things will get better, I'm always here if you ever wanna just talk about anything. Don't worry about the stories for now and focus on becoming healthy again! Update at your own pace and when you feel like it. Stay strong!

3/5/2013 c10 Guest
this is amazing i love it
When Shiro got in the car accident i was in my living room crying my eyes out!
And i still am Please update soon I might run out of tears soon.
1/5/2013 c10 Kuro Tenshi Hime
Okay wow it's been awhile since I've been on this site so sorry for not leaving a review sooner. _; (School and life stuffs *grumbles*) SO ANYWAY...
I'm glad to see that Shiro is okay cuz if he wasn't... *cracks knuckles*... I WOULD HAVE CRIED. (don't worry I would never even dream of laying a finger on you honey) I'm freaking fangirl squealing WITH YOU cuz EHRMAGERD THEIR GONNA GO ON A DATE! FDJSIFDSQFDSJO. Nice update Emo-chan 3 HWAITING!


P.S. I've been really into kmusic/kdramas recently so yeah.. I'm what my friend calls "Korean-ized" now..
P.P.S. Sorry this isn't on my actual account I'm rushing a bit right now.
10/1/2012 c8 1eunnie527
: You. Are getting evil like me, too. XD
I'll tell you real opinion. Don't get mad at me.
"Shiro's...", stopping with that, you're really devilish, making the readers' hearts go pound pound, beep.
And Hime has to be worried, don't mix with Senri yet. Apart from that, thumbs up!
Thank you. For writing this for me. But dear, I'm really interested in how you'll continue this...cuz your continuation will be my inspiration. Take care. (Don't kill him yet!, as you've said to me.)
7/24/2012 c1 MrGoodyTwoShoes
Actions not allowed:

1. Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions.
2. Rewriting names of characters/locations of one story in order to upload to multiple categories.
3. Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

This chapter is not allowed under section 3.

Songfics (in any language) and/or the use of song lyrics are not allowed here because they contain copyrighted lyrics that you do not have the permission to reproduce.

You should try to at least write rework your story (disclaimers don't cut it) so that it references the song (like it's playing on the radio in the background) instead of posting the lyrics to it. If you don't change then your story could be removed/deleted by the admins here.

Hope this helps.

MGTS of Fanfiction Renaissance
4/14/2012 c6 DarkFaerie0
Awe the song so was adorable and fitting. I need to get caught up on the manga again :)
4/9/2012 c6 sakura saya
OMG! O i love love love this song from tsubasa chronicles! O

uwaaaaah! i thought no one would know this anymore but i was so wrong XD waaah so happy you used it in your story!
4/2/2012 c6 20JackFrost14
poor Hime :(
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