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6/12/2019 c19 martinkenken
Please make an ending for this one! PLEAAAAAASEEEEEE
11/28/2017 c5 12MacMan3679
Healing takes effort Rob, and nutrients.
3/11/2016 c19 badoskidbrookyln
3/11/2016 c13 badoskidbrookyln
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12/6/2013 c19 8zeratulatb
You should continue. Have a few more chapters about their adventures as bf/gf and how the others, especially, Beck react to their dating.
11/21/2013 c19 TheLostTech

That was pretty epic - Jade West has a soft side- Who'd have thought?

And Robbie Shapiro- Old School Romantic?

I love this story!

2 thumbs up!
7/20/2013 c19 Alexis Starclimber
I don't know how you can continue it but this is awesome although a bit of a pain to read you got a fan in here now
10/8/2012 c19 4Veradyn
One thing I love about your writing, is your pure attention to detail. After every single line of dialogue there is a paragraph explaining everything that is going on, everything that is around them. You're one of the only few people I've seen that can embrace the reader into the story that well. I've been following this story since the beginning, and it's unfortunate that it has to end, though I can tell this is leading to a great, great ending. Can't wait to read the final chapter, and maybe one or two extra after that - eh? eh?

As always, love your work - Thanks for bringing us this awesome story.

10/3/2012 c19 5hesnotyourpet
You and Zen are my favorite drug dealers. Can this story get more perfect? I have the app on my phone and I kill my battery, and families nerves, checking for this to update. I'm going to die in a corner when it ends. :(
10/1/2012 c19 90SKRowling
good one!

this was terribly cute and romantic.
9/30/2012 c19 gb22
amazing chapter... looking forward for the next chapter
9/30/2012 c19 33GallaudetLurker
I freaking LOVE this chapter! :D
9/30/2012 c19 Guest
I liked it. Good job!
9/30/2012 c5 circuswheel
'That was the shining moment of a day that was drenched in humiliation and food based outfits.'

'Watching Jade's eyebrows dig into her nose, I wonder what I've done to burst her mood.'

make me laugh aloud.

Beck is an ungrateful jerk who doesn't know how good he had it, what else is new. Liked the quiet moments of the two eating together, throwing about small jokes, and Jade actually not throwing her soup ladle at Robbie.
9/30/2012 c4 circuswheel
My favorite tiny part of this was the description of Beck's hair as being “perfectly coiffed.' Makes me envision him sitting down every night to put curlers in or something. Which, you know LOL.

'When Jade's gaze flickers back to me for the briefest of moments, I notice her lips push forward slightly, like it's the most pitch black of comedy, our own shared joke. '
That's some lovely writing. That whole paragraph, really.

Oooooh, I see how Beck is going to be in this fic! Well, I could already tell when he dumped her despite the fact that she is living with him and is really sort of dependent on him. I don't think that he and Robbie are really bestest friends as I pretend they are, so I can see him taking his rage towards Jade out on Robbie. A part of me wonders if Beck would lose control for so long, though, to have beaten Robbie so badly, but I'm going to buy it since it means hopefully Jade will take care of Robbie a bit? Yes? :D
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