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9/30/2012 c3 circuswheel
I've been meaning to read and review your work for forever – I haven't been letting myself read very much fanfic for a while because I am horribly insecure about my writing and also I don't want to steal any ideas. Anyway, here I go! I'm skipping the first few chapters because I'm a jerk and read through them without stopping!

Random thoughts -

I really like the idea of Jade sort of ending up staying with Robbie because she has no one else to turn to. Also like that Robbie lives by himself – poor baby! Also, no parents. Woot. :p

I bet Jade looks cute in that Pink Floyd T Shirt!

Haha, Jade sneaked a peek at Robbie's physique! (I'm very clever.) I can totally see her doing that, even if she doesn't have any romantic / sexual interest in him yet. In the show, I swear he has hurt his groin at least twice and she's always the one offering to get ice. ;)

Dun dun dun! What will happen at Beck's? I bet he's going to be a jerk some more.
9/30/2012 c19 2Jeremy Shane
Super Chapter & More Please
9/29/2012 c19 ZenNoMai
This was the best chapter ever! YES! YES! YES! It was perfect, that's what I always had imagine for a perfect, non sexual sex scene. It was tasteful and elegant but yet, still humorous and sexy. My friend, that was amazing. I think that the last chapter should be something special, sort of a flash forward. Something showing the two of them in better life together. But I would like to see at least a couple of chapters with them being a couple first.
9/29/2012 c19 4SwagTuesdays
You are a fantastic writer! Love love love! The last chapter I feel should have like a cliffhanger-y feeling! Like he sees jade talking to beck or something and he just gets a bad feeling! I don't know, I'm just a "GASP" kind of girl. Lol
9/29/2012 c19 19SADAndLoved
I has no ideas I'm too stupid to come up with any but i have a serious legit question...

Will you marry me? Like you are complete perfection. Or we can get hitched.. Either or C:
My mom wants me to marry a male doctor though... O.o.
Ah! Who the hell cares, yeah?

This chapter made me fall in love with rade. At first you made me like them.. And then you made me love them... Now I'm legit in love with them.
9/29/2012 c19 61Jonathan 81
That was such a cute chapter. The RADE formation was great. Nice job!
9/29/2012 c19 anon.10810
Another amazing chapter.
9/28/2012 c18 90SKRowling
OMG...okay... finally the world is ending.
9/25/2012 c18 Guest
Cliff hanger! Update soon. XD
9/23/2012 c18 61Jonathan 81
that was awesome! i love how you handled the relationships here. hurry up with part 19!
9/23/2012 c18 3Veradyn
AMAZING chapter. I thought for a second there that Robbie magically transformed into Duke Nukem with all of those Balls of Steel at the ending.

So many distractions and interruptions while reading this chapter, ended up having to reread half of it like 4 times. It was well worth it.

Can't wait for the next one, Keep it up.

9/23/2012 c18 gb22
another mazing chapter... wow in the end, cant wait for next chapters
9/23/2012 c18 NAFNAF509
9/23/2012 c18 19SADAndLoved
Ahahaha heehee. I love this chapter. So much enjoyment..I think ima reread it now i liked it so much.
A sidenote I have no clue why but when beck asked if Robbie was gonna have a seizure I cracked up which is weird/(bad?) bc seizures r totes unfunny but i was just picturing and...
Whoa long sidenote
Spam complete! Love this chap.
9/23/2012 c18 2Jeremy Shane
Great Chapter & More Please
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