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8/19/2012 c16 anon.10810
Another awesome chater.
8/19/2012 c16 eaulby
Soooo good. You're words flow so well. I was on the edge of my seat towards the end of this! Robbie and Jade are getting there- slowly but surely!
8/18/2012 c16 19SADAndLoved
Totally worth the wait..i love this so much :) This chapter had me entranced the whole time for some reason. Wonderful! :)
8/18/2012 c16 4SwagTuesdays
Love love love! Like I said before, you have a gift of writing them exactly in character it amazes me! Good job!
8/18/2012 c16 2Jeremy Shane
Great Chapter & More Please
8/18/2012 c16 4BigStuOU
I love Robbie/Tori interaction! Of the group, they are definitely the two most most awkward and I like whenever they have the chance to interact one on one!
8/18/2012 c16 90SKRowling
YAYYYYYY! well that' sexy time is done. I think a Jori friendship is in order now... If it wasn't for Tori Robie might have been in Deeper denial than he was... Tori totally made him ready for this LOL. I loved the Rori friendship in this! it was awesome! Thanks for that.
8/18/2012 c16 ZenNoMai
Best chapter ever. AWESOME!

By the way. Nice plug for our story :)
8/18/2012 c16 61Jonathan 81
wow, robbie really went through some character development here. i like how you had him describe how he got over his feelings with tori and his discovery of jade naked in his bed. good chapter bro! i can't wait for more.
8/17/2012 c15 eaulby
Please update
8/15/2012 c15 sarcasticbehavior
I started reading this story yesterday and I have to say, it's going excellently so far. The idea of Jade depending on Robbie just pleases me so much, and you execute it perfectly, nearly exactly what I would imagine, if it were to occur. Please do more, I want to see the... closeness between the two, if you could call it that, escalate even further.
8/15/2012 c15 4BigStuOU
I actually really enjoyed this chapter, with all of its angst and heartbreak. It will definitely be interesting to see what Tori has to say when Robbie gets to her house.
8/8/2012 c15 anon.10810
Great chapter, sorry for the delay in reviewing.
8/5/2012 c15 4SwagTuesdays
Wow! This story is just...fantastic! Now I really don't like rade or understand it but you are such a great writer that I don't even care! The detailing is superb and the characters aren't the least bit OOVC! I Love it! write more soon!
8/4/2012 c15 Shenny1202
Please update soon. Great story so far.
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