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4/11 c3 Bluewarrior3
This is going on my favorites! This was so cute!
10/8/2012 c3 12Crystalzap
sudden but very sweet :)
2/21/2012 c3 2Hektols
Great ending, specially liked the advices from the Toads.
2/21/2012 c2 Hektols
Nice chapter.
2/21/2012 c1 Hektols
Very nice chapter. Specially liked the part where Ma tricked them.
2/15/2012 c3 5Rose Tiger
2/15/2012 c3 naruhinalltheway
First of all congratulations to you :)

Second, I enjoyed your story :D

Third, can't wait for the next chapter lol ^^
2/14/2012 c3 8Mommy Bear
You have worked hard on this story. Glad you were able to get it done in time for CaptainFlye. He has a lot to be proud of. I think Naruto just grew up. What a great piece of work.
2/14/2012 c2 Mommy Bear
Loved Ma Toad. Glad you left her lines in. My favorite funny line was when Hinata says "You're not stupid Naruto" and Ma replies "Yes he is." However, most touching was when Hinata touched her heart and said "Right here." Just a wonderful story.
2/14/2012 c1 Mommy Bear
This is awesome. Definitely a favorite. Can't help but love Ma Toad. You put together an awesome story especially the drink. That was well thought out as well as the seal and the explanation for it. Great job. On to the next chapter. :)
2/14/2012 c3 15CaptainFlye
I hate to be cheesy, but words can't express the depths of my feelings for you, and reading this story and knowing that you were thinking of me...I can't help but picture our life together. Maybe it's because of that that I think this is so awesome and well done, that I can feel so well what Naruto and Hinata are going through here, but to me, this piece is just so well written and wonderful. As I said, I can really feel the emotions of the story, the slight quiver of anticipation at the life yet to come as a married couple. You have brought out all these things so well, dear. I am just so proud of and impressed by you and how you wrote this story.

Love you. :D
2/14/2012 c2 CaptainFlye
Heheh, poor Naruto. *shakes head* NEVER annoy the momma. N-E-V-E-R!

Two small things: "I don't care what father saysor Neji think." Should have a space between say and or. Also, *I* get it when you have Naruto saw "Gaul," but I would suggest that you substitute it with "Gosh". Flows off the tongue better and more people recognize the phrase.

Again, I LOVED momma toad chasing Naruto around. The way you explained how Naruto was thinking was also good, and Hinata's rebuttle to it.The writing of this story is still super. I am just so impressed!

2/14/2012 c1 CaptainFlye
My idea is it? I don't recall anything like that, and I've been thinking hard. You'll have to tell me what I apparently said so I can remember.

Also, last sentence should read,"It is also the first part of YOUR marriage ceremony". It just says "you marriage" right now. Just thought you'd want to fix it.

Anyway, love the chapter. So far I think this is your best work yet! I love it. :3 3
2/14/2012 c2 42AuthorSwimmerPoet
This is such an adorable Valentine's Gift :) CaptainFlye is lucky to have a writer like you as his Fiancee :) He'll forever and ever be able to get stories as gifts and don't we all just want that?

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