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for The Ways of Tea and Failure

11/25/2012 c3 21Lunatique
I love how spot-on you are with Toph's voice and character! Looks like all that effort drafting this chapter paid off. Her proud self-sufficiency and need for companionship, plus her receptiveness to Iroh's words, all feel very much in character. I like how you keep the stories close to Iroh even when you get outside the Fire Nation family.

Speaking of that messed-up brood, any plans to write about Azula if you're continuing this series? How about minor characters like Jun or Aunt Wu, who also spoke to Iroh?
11/25/2012 c2 Lunatique
The Title Drop! Good to see the thought process behind Zuko's final epiphany. The subject matter reminds me of FairLadyZ2005's "The Big Questions" (in her collection The Crown Prince Chronicles), but I'm pleased that the two stories take different angles. I especially like how Zuko rejected Iroh's equation of heritage with morality, which never rang right to me for the reasons you stated here. It shows that Iroh for all his wisdom is a product of his times, believing blood conveys some kind of moral status (or maybe he's a product of his house, deeply ashamed of what his bloodline has wrought and trying to find a reason why Zuko would be different), while Zuko sees even deeper than Iroh himself does now that the truth is laid bare to him.
11/25/2012 c1 Lunatique
Yeah, I remember that titular jab being one of Ozai's better lines. It's poignant how Iroh, this man of good heart and good abilities, has so much guilt on his shoulders. Maybe it's the price of being the beneficiary of a corrupt system where no choice is free of blame. I also like the irony of how his wish to travel and open a tea shop were granted, through a sequence of events he would never ever have wanted. Life is funny that way.
4/27/2012 c3 6Spry
YAY! Good job! :D

Have a Fish award. They're good things, trust me. :P

Hmmm... now who else should learn the ways of tea and failure? Who's your favorite character? Maybe THEY could do it! :D

4/24/2012 c3 80JackieStarSister
Thank you for this chapter. :)

I thought the last line was the best part: you captured both Toph's rough attitude and her more vulnerable side.

Please continue this!

I was wondering, would you read my story "Finding What You Weren't Looking For?" It may give you some ideas for lessons that Iroh teaches the Gaang.
4/17/2012 c2 4TurquoiseHeart15
This is a really good little piece you have started. I think its inspirational and meaningful. Im glad to see someone writing about this side of the plot-line.
2/29/2012 c2 6Spry
Congratulations, Zuko! you have learned the first step to the ways of tea and failure: Not being a jerk! Have a prize!

Very nice! You have followed Zuko's personality and thought pattern perfectly and awesomely. Therfore you are persomely. :)

OOH, you know who should really learn the ways of tea and failure? Toph. I mean, she did have that conversation with Iroh when she ran away from the Gaang.

YOU ROCK! Have an awesomeness award. :D

2/28/2012 c2 80JackieStarSister
This chapter is spectacular! I'm planning to have a soliloquy-like scene at this point for one of my stories, but I doubt it'll be as good as this. I love how Zuko thought of Katara and the people he met in the Earth Kingdom. You did a great job narrating his thoughts, and his reasons for doing all he set out to do in Book 3.

Thanks a lot for the offer. I'd love to see the members of Team Avatar - Toph immediately comes to mind, but maybe Suki, since she interacts with Iroh the least in the series. And maybe Jin and Song, since they've each seen him make or drink tea before.
2/15/2012 c1 JackieStarSister
This is good so far. I've never thought about the Siege and its aftermath that way, but I can see how Iroh would see it all as the consequences of his actions. And that's a hard thing to carry. You showed a side of him rarely seen in the series, behind the jovial tea-maker.

Just two errors: "Devout" should be "devote," and "culture's" should be cultures'.

Please continue. Good luck writing this. :)
2/15/2012 c1 6Spry

Go Iroh! :D He is a favorite of mine.

Nice job with the drabble! He was very in-character and everything. MORE SOON, YES?

Here, have a cookie.


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