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for Who But My Lady Greensleeves

9/13/2017 c1 ngregory763
Yep. That last couple lines! HahahahahahHHAaa!
7/12/2017 c1 2grayson4life
i genuinely laughed out loud at the end.
12/29/2015 c1 134Jedi Sapphire
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: This was a fun and original idea. We've had love spells before, but this take on them is new. You manage to convey a complete plot in very few words, and a bit of fluff at the end, too.
12/21/2015 c1 36BlackIceWitch
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review : December 2015

Punchy, to the point and devastating for Dean. The visualisations almost killed me, nicely worked with each scene going straight for the throat. A very giggle-filled piece!
12/20/2015 c1 110LeeMarieJack
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review:

Lovely idea and I'm sure the tree is lonely. If anyone deserves that curse more than Dean Winchester I'm sure I wouldn't know who it could be. Sam sure can do smug when he puts his mind to it, can't he? Nice work.
12/10/2015 c1 CoffeeMe
Hitting random oldies and I happened upon this, and I love it!
6/19/2013 c1 justafan
oh god... the perfect portrayal of characters, the feeling of real life in the story, the everything...
are you secretly a professional writer?
12/9/2012 c1 46SayLo
The plant kingdom misses you
Ah Sam! I love that
2/22/2012 c1 21GaelicAngel
Hey Babe!

So sorry for being so long in reviewing but the break in at our house and all the electronics getting jacked kinda threw a wrench in our p.c time.

OMG this was hilarious and I nearly cracked a rib from laughing so hard. Somebody made him fall in love with a tree, clasic just clasic and dude the mental image of Dean huging a tree is gonna stay with me for a while.

This story drabble was awesome and I loved it to death adn I am gonna go read it again.

Great story as always!

2/17/2012 c1 ccase13
That is a hilarious love spell for Dean. It would get bad though if Sam couldn't get him loose to eat. It's really funny of Sam to take advantage of Dean's hunger to get an actual salad into him.
2/15/2012 c1 20Rosetta Brunestud
LOL OMG! A tree? That was very funny xDD

Poor Dean! I'm always glad that you give us happy endings with Sammy being awesome and supportive :)


2/15/2012 c1 143PADavis
Excuse me while I spit coffee.

The plant kingdom missed him? And after just a few hours. But then, what kingdom wouldn't miss Dean?


2/15/2012 c1 38sidjack

This is great! Dean and...ok, Dean sitting (ok, standing) in a tree...

What a funny idea, Dean hoojinxed into loving a tree. Hmmm, I have been reading some LOTR stories, maybe Dean found one of the Entwives.

You are amazing and Sam with the tarp and the salad.

Really, well done kiddo.


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