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9/21/2018 c50 ceilil
"Your light is beautiful."

"I knew you would. It was all just a matter of time but waiting for it to happen sucked."

7/3/2016 c50 Guest
Thank you for the great story! I loved how X & G remained true to their tv characters. I am looking forward to their next adventure from this very talented writer.

It is rare to feel such energy and emotion communicated through the written word.

Thank you for sharing.
3/17/2016 c50 Xenelle
You big tease!
6/20/2015 c50 Guest
Wow! Well done. Excellent, well-rounded writing skills. "...You're not ready." The end. Lol, I did not see that coming. It was kind of nice to be surprised like that.
4/28/2015 c50 silverwolf509
One of the first things I noticed about this story was the slow pace but it kept but the quality of the characters intact. It was an amazing read, thank you ). Can't wait to see what else you have coming.
4/27/2015 c29 silverwolf509
OMG you are so evil! Had me sitting at the edge of my seat, smiling like a fool waiting for that kiss to happen and then...interruptions. So evil...
5/18/2014 c50 fig-aruna
You are an amazing writer! You perfectly balanced the mystery, drama, comedy, romance, and even the horror. On top of that, you managed to juggle two parallel storylines pretty fucking awesomely. Can't wait to read more from you!
5/14/2014 c1 2draupadi
11/11/2013 c50 Julie
Loved your story! Hope to see more of your writings!
10/8/2013 c50 50Rurrlock-God of Power
A very nice epilogue to read, and a great way to end this story.

You really got the tone and the characters in this story perfect with how I would imagine it portrayed in the series, while at the same time, having your own unique style to it that was brilliant to read and kept me enthralled all the way through.

It felt very real that Gabrielle feels she wouldn't be ready just yet, even though they both love each other. Sometimes a love that strong takes time, and they'll know when the time is right. It was also sweet that Xena was careful with her and will wait for when she is ready. I know you had some people say they wanted a hook-up, but you do what you want, and this work out really well. It feels more real and really shows how a relationship can go, especially after all that's happened to them over the events of the story. So you just keep doing what your doing, because if all your work turns out as epic as this (and I know they always do), then that's all that matters.

You're a star writer. That's all I can say. Great ending, great epilogue, great story :)
10/8/2013 c49 Rurrlock-God of Power
Wait...I'm nearly finished with this story? No, I want to keep reading more! Good thing you have an epilogue and then a sequel planned XD ;D

It was nice to see the conclusion to the story revolving around Dreyas, and see what happens to the people in it and Krateros. Hopefully the town will learn from the experiences of what just happened, and maybe no Gods, Titans or anything else can influence them in such evil ways again.

The bit with Xena explaining love to the two little siblings was a nice touch, as not only was she speaking the truth and a good truth that will hopefully give the kids a better understanding of love in the future, but also because it is normally Gabrielle who is the talker of the two. Goes back to how Gabrielle does help Xena and has influenced her just as the other way around. You really get the chemistry between the two spot-on :)

It was sad to finally say goodbye to Leandros and Juliette. You did a magnificent job of creating two very well developed, likeable and very real characters. I could easily see those two in the actual Xena series. Kind of wish they had their own spin-off XD I still think back to the early chapters with Leandros trying to sneak attack Xena and Gabrielle, it really feels like he's grown and become a better person. Great work in getting that across...I'm running out of words to describe your awesomeness LOL.

Okay...onto the Epilogue...and then that's it for now T.T I'm going to miss this story when I'm finished with it. It's been fantastic to read all the way through.
10/8/2013 c48 Rurrlock-God of Power
Great chapter again from you, excellent work.

That was an emotional scene between Xena and Gabrielle, I do think there is that part of Xena that wonders whether Gabrielle is safer with her or not. But I do believe that they are both better together, not only for how they feel about each other, caring and loving each other like soulmates, but also they keep each other on the right path as this scene demonstrates well. If it weren't for Gabrielle, I believe Xena would have gone back to her old ways, or may even possibly be dead. And of course, everyone needs Xena to save the world XD They both support and help each other throughout all of their problems and the hardships that they face, keeping each other strong. You got that across in this scene well.

As for Juliette and Leandros's scene, very well-written and had a nice easy pace and tone to it. It felt very tasteful and heartfelt. It was wonderful, funny and beautiful to read, just as a good love scene should be. Awesome work.
10/8/2013 c47 Rurrlock-God of Power
T.T Here come the tears DX

I'll get to the really sad bit in a minute, first I want to talk about the other sad bit LOL. This does bring up something I forgot to say in my last review, what happened with Selena could easily have happened with Gabrielle. There were similarities there, the only problem was that Selena met Xena at a time when Xena wasn't quite on the right path, and so that would have possibly lead Selena to an even worse place, knowing that she may have felt for someone who could never love her back. However, with Gabrielle those feelings from Xena are returned as she's learnt to really let people into her life and can love despite all of sins of her past. Gabrielle and Xena's relationship may have tragic elements to it already, but it could have been so much worse if things played out differently, thankfully that hasn't happened and the two will be there for each other always.

I love how you write Aphrodite. Kind of bubbly and fun with a little bit of sarcastic wit, but still very likeable.

And now...Selena. I do still feel bad for her, even after what she did. And it is possible that Ate did use that anger and vengeful wishing inside of her, however, that's just being human. We all have that dark side, Selena managed to hold on and keep it locked away until Ate influenced her and unlocked the door, using her feelings about Xena and how the world saw her against her. The detail in your writing used when Selena said she wanted to peacefully go, I can't explain it, but it was just beautiful to read. Fantastic chapter...now just give me a minute to reach for the tissues T.T
10/8/2013 c46 Rurrlock-God of Power
Whoa...that was awesome. That's just the simple way of putting it, freakin awesome! Had me on the edge of my seat, every twist and turn, every description, just everything about this chapter was done brilliantly. I don't know where to begin with describing it.

First off, the revelation about Selena. I had some feeling about her, after all that she's gone through and how most people have treated her throughout her life, it's not that hard to understand why she would be like this, particularly with a God influencing her as well. I don't know why, but I've got this feeling that Selena won't make it, it just feels like it. It would be sad as I don't believe she really wanted this, but with everything that's happened and the influence of Ate, that just made her go made.

That first bit, with the fight against the escaped prisoners, very well-written. You can do action scenes excellently ;) Not only managing to get the details of the actions, but also the emotions that are going through as well. Really hard to get down, and you got it perfectly.

Hopefully Leandros will pull through, and with Ate's influence gone, the world and the feelings of the characters will mend. Although that will depend on how the characters will react to all this I guess.

Great work from you as always :D
9/21/2013 c50 Guest
I really loved this series! You truly captured the characters. And you are correct- silvermoonlightGJ writes great stories! Some of my faves
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