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for The Starrs Above

3/12/2013 c3 24Shortyblackwell
So sweet! I loved it!
11/19/2012 c3 Jenna
Please continue! This is absolutely Adorable 3
3/17/2012 c3 18Hoshi Nagaiki
This story is getting really interesting. I like your use of the third person omniscient narrator. It's a very underused technique in fanfiction, and it's refreshing to see it used here.

I liked learning all the boys' thoughts about Leana and can't wait to learn more about her relationship with John. And, Ringo, of course. Update soon. :D
3/15/2012 c3 1Has a Rubber Soul
Let me guess… John loved Leana and is now jealous/angry at Ringo? And this was a good chapter, keep up the good work!
3/15/2012 c3 1Put me through to the pentagon
I love it! I really can't wait for another update! PLEASE SOON!
3/10/2012 c2 Put me through to the pentagon
I love the idea!

I really want more! Please update soon!
2/27/2012 c2 Dana
I Love This! I Cant wait till the next chapter! 5 Stars! :-)
2/27/2012 c2 6Beatlesfan93
Oh my gosh! This is so cute! I bet Ringo is a great father! :)
2/24/2012 c2 1Has a Rubber Soul
Aw, how cute! I knew he had a child! Just wondering though... they never mentioned her name and then he said it?
2/18/2012 c1 Has a Rubber Soul
Oh, what is it!
2/17/2012 c1 3PaperbackWriter318
This is good! I can't wait to read more!

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