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for The Immortal, The Weapon, and The Doctor

2/9/2018 c1 Guest
Are you just going to let this fine story die of neglect?
3/1/2016 c1 PendulumProceeds
I really like the beginning of your story (Honestly, some badass killer kills nazis? That's awesome!) but I have to correct some tiny little things: hell is written "Hölle" in german, therefore it should be "Höllenloch". Also it isn't "Furer" but "Führer"
6/10/2014 c5 Guest
Keep going I love it
5/27/2013 c5 Mo
I love the story line and I can't wait for you to finish it. Carry on!
4/12/2013 c1 Guest
Good story. Great beginning!
10/24/2012 c5 24ChibiAyane
Is there going to be more? I like this story! I really want to know what's going to happen!
10/18/2012 c5 10NeoMadDog
Interesting. I like how the Doctor is almost a better leader than the beloved Mal. I was a little upset not seeing the "Next" button for the next chapter, but I cannot wait to read it. Cannot wait to find out who the killer is, but my hypothesis is the Master, from the original series, as he carries a watch as his TARDIS. My hypothesis may be wrong, but hey, my best guess.
10/1/2012 c5 Guest
Firefly and the Doctor perfect mix can't wait for more
8/4/2012 c5 8ChopSuzi
Mal, you're supposed to be suspecting EVERYONE. Even The Doctor. That's just what a good detective does. ;P
5/29/2012 c4 24ChibiAyane
I'm liking this story! D I need more! It's more Firefly based than Doctor Who. The opposite of mine. XD But it's awesome! Keep writing the good stuff, you're on a roll!
5/14/2012 c4 8ChopSuzi
Crap, River jumped to conclusions.
5/12/2012 c3 hideher
Very interesting so far. Can't wait to see what happens next.
4/23/2012 c3 ChopSuzi
Wait, so he just left the TARDIS on some dusty old planet? That's kinda... un-doctorly of him.
4/22/2012 c3 11AlexG
How long until the Doctor dons his Stetson? Stetsons are cool. I'm also trying to place this story in the Doctor's timeline... Is this while Amy and Rory are off on their honeymoon, or during the "farewell tour"? Either way, this is an intriguing story and I can't wait to read more. About the only thing I didn't understand was whether the Doctor had the TARDIS stored as baggage/cargo, or if he just left it behind. I'd be very surprised if he was willing to leave it parked whole star systems away. Still a great story though!
4/22/2012 c3 doctorwhofan1
Love this! Please continue. I can't wait to see the doctor and serenity crews reaction to each other! I wonder who the subject is and from what I've read he's probably bad news!
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