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10/1/2013 c7 3Ailavyn Siniyash
Oh, this is lovely! Everyone's in-character, your writing is lyrical and really pretty, and it's Gunnerkrigg Court fic! *favourites*

8/27/2012 c7 Leane the Korora
I hope there's another chapter about Reynard coming soon. Maybe some fluff between him and Antimony? PLEASE? Or maybe some Robot and Shadow 2. I think they'de be cute together. How do we know that Shadow 2 is a male or female? A chap on Coyote?
8/18/2012 c1 batseye
Enjoyed this a lot. I think the Robot/Kat chapter was the one I liked best.
5/23/2012 c4 Lightice
This is one of the better Gunnerkrigg Court fanfics out there, and there aren't that many. Keep up the good work!
5/5/2012 c4 3Gerti
Oh Kat, you are so confused aren't you?

I gotta say, this is another really well written snippet, the song at the beginning was eerily appropriate. Kat trying and failing to comprehend the ether was a nice touch too. Kat/Annie is a pretty cute pairing all things considered, and I like all the romantic tension that's been happening between them.

Great chapter, update ASALA.

4/30/2012 c3 SixBrokenSteps
I started reading Gunnerkrigg Court about a week ago, and completely fell in love with it, but now I've finished the 1000+ pages and need to wait for 3 updates a week just like the rest of you, and that leaves me wholly unsatisfied. Which is why, I need great fanfiction like yours to get me through the waiting. Thank you for your amazing work and keep it up.
4/6/2012 c2 Gerti

You have officially made the list of 'Authors I really should have known about by now.' I don't know how you did it, but you've managed to turn a two chapter story into something truly great. The sheer potential gunnerkrigg has for fanfiction is mind boggling, and this just proves it.

You are awesome.

I got a serious case of 'the feels' when I read that first chapter. I just love zimmy and gamma, they're such interesting characters. And you wrote them perfectly! At first I was just like "this story has one review? And It's the only one in the gunnerkrigg section? Ugh." But I was wrong! So very wrong!

You are spectacular for completely blowing my predictions out of the water and just for being an awesome person.

If you're asking for suggestions though, robot's a pretty cool guy.

Sorry if I came across a little overenthusiastic here though, I'm just really happy to find a good gunnerkrigg fic. I didn't actually think there'd be one and I was kind of prepping for disappointment when I saw there was only one.

Anyway, keep being awesomene and update ASALA.


(As Soon As Life Allows)
3/15/2012 c1 Blue
Bummer nobody has reviewed this! I really enjoyed it. Not badly written at all, like you claimed. =P You really got their characterization right on. If I had to suggest a change, though- the paragraph beginning with "Gamma was silent" was a little much. You mention multiple times, multiple ways, that Gamma is Zimmy's only real source of peace. You could probably stand to cut a sentence or two from that paragraph. But that's my only real criticism. You did an awesome job. I hope to see another GC fic from you!

PS- Has Tom seen this? I bet he'd get a kick from it.

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