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7/28/2012 c1 6Wisteria Blossom
XD The ending was great!
6/25/2012 c1 4yayaluva
Oooooo. Tadase you play boy you!

Wow I've never seen a Tadase and Rima fanfic.

All that aside.


It is a very well written fic.

It kept me interested and I was worried that Tadase would go on a rant when she said 'prince'.

Is this a one-shot.

It sounds like one.

Omg I'm rambling.

Anyways. That was a pleasure to read.

3/27/2012 c1 Nomorestoriesfriends
hmmmmmmm... interesting. I liked it. Suspense.
2/19/2012 c1 8Color-Painted Sky
This overall was pretty good.


-You had some paragraph mistakes. Readers occasionally get overwhelmed with a giant paragraph when there should be a new line for dialogue.

-You also had some spelling mistakes, such as 'realise'. It's spelled 'realize'. You can hire a beta, or check it on your own.

-There were some punctual errors. Sometimes adding a comma into a sentence really helps.

-Why is it so short. If you want to keep people interested, you should write longer chapters. (Don't worry, I did the same thing when I started out.)

If you try these things, then you can become a great writer! :D

~~~SC~~~If it's not the best, it's not Tadamu~~~SC~~~

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