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for The Love Potion

3/26/2012 c2 3Cellen8
chapter 1 was very hot and funny XD

but I realy would like to know WHO pulled this stunt with the love coctail
2/27/2012 c1 4YuSnotTo
What a nice and diverting intermezzo... and the end, hilarious. Thanks for that one!
2/24/2012 c2 93Sela McGrane
Awesome two shot...wish it was longer!:)
2/22/2012 c1 9wow.fanfic
That was so very very sexy. This pairing is kind of new for me but rapidly becoming a favorite. I loved the way you showed Minerva's inner turmoil and Hermione's desperation-just so well written! Plus I did mention the HOT right? 'Cause seriously really really smokin' with the whole steaminess! Thank you so much and now onto chapter two...incidentally I love that there's a chapter two! ;p!
2/22/2012 c1 468Errol's Feather
The start of this chapter is so funny I almost burst into laughter during class. I can so picture Mione between Harry and Ron and Albus and Minerva approching them lol

And the description towards the ends are so good, really amazing :o) All so well written and I love it.
2/21/2012 c2 60Hermione Jean McGonagall
Thank you! Good chapter. LOL))

I think what Ravenclaws did not used love potion because... you know... Flitwick. It seem more terrible than Snape or Pomona Sprout :)

Hermione McGonagall
2/21/2012 c2 caradens
excellent thanks
2/20/2012 c2 54Refreshingly Original
Personal level. Got 'cha. ;)

lol. This is so freeken' amazing.

I love your fics. :)

Hope to see more soon.

2/20/2012 c2 93JUJUChick16
I enjoyed it, I found it to be a nice departure from other fics on here. So please write more stories! :)
2/20/2012 c2 PleaseDeleteThisAccount123455
Great Story
2/20/2012 c2 DoctorDonnaObsessed
I loved your version of "We will rock you!" because I love McGonagall - I'm going to sing that song now. :-) Wish it wasn't over.
2/20/2012 c2 3GGrant
Good story, and considering the Ravenclaws weren't affected, I bet Hooch was behind it.
2/20/2012 c1 60Hermione Jean McGonagall
The best pairing and amazing idea :) WONDERFUL. Really. Minerva/Hermione almost as Romilda/Ron (although last does not paiping, love potion in chocolate and Slughorn's help).

Thank you very much!

Continue when you will can :)

Hermione McGonagall
2/19/2012 c1 93JUJUChick16
Got to love love potions...in other words...UPDATE PLEASE!
2/19/2012 c1 54Refreshingly Original
Um, woah. This is fantastic! :)

I love reading your fics. They are simply wonderful.

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