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8/29/2015 c16 jag389
Well done I really enjoyed this.
8/9/2014 c16 Smiffy11052
Great story this is the second time that I have read it. Also have read your others stories twice now. Wish you would write some new ones. Thank you for given so much enjoyment.
7/2/2014 c16 BerlinBear
Wow. This story was amazing! Although I could barely stop reading, it took me several days to end it. What I liked the most about this fiction was your description of the characters. Especially Doc. Fraiser. I just loved her! The tension was awesome too, sometimes I really feared you would kill Jack. Fortunately the story has a happy ending.
I'm pretty new to the stargate-fanfiction-world and I haven't read many stories until now but I think you are a great writer and I would enjoy reading more from you. Thanks for this story!
3/17/2014 c16 1steadfast
Fantastic! I could barely stay in my seat through most of it. Your characterizations are perfect. I really appreciated how you filled out Janet's character. She usually is just a device. Here, she was as well-developed as the main characters. I certainly hope this is not the end of your SG-1 writing career. The fandom is only going to get smaller if you let it.
8/27/2013 c16 pain in the mikta
It's been a pleasure re-reading this! Great stuff: great whump, great angst, great team moments, great use of Janet and Cassie... great everything!
It's a must read!
3/16/2013 c16 Guest
Really enjoyed this story. It hooked me in from the beginning and kept me riveted all the way through. You are a talented writer. Hope you will write another in the near future for us all to enjoy.
12/15/2012 c16 Miss mia
Wow! What a great story! Great plot, great description, great sticking to characters' characters, and thankfully great grammar! So enjoyed reading this. Can't believe you stuck with it two entire years, but very glad you did. Thank you and have a great Christmas!
6/17/2012 c16 Rubyray7777
Oh wow! This story rocked! And Ihope you write some more! And even though the show is no longet on, I think the fandom is a lot bigger than you think...I love these stories and especially the way you wrote this one. You kept them in character, perfectly preserving the way they are on the show being set around season 3/4. I'm glad Fraser was in it too because it was nice reading her in a story. It was hard to watch the show after she was killed off. I look forward to more...please}
6/16/2012 c1 85Noxbait
Hooray! Finally I get to read your story! Love it so far. Nice opening, got me hooked right away. Great team interactions and everyone was exactly pitch perfect. Love Jack hassleing Janet. :) So perfectly him. Can't wait to see what's next.
6/10/2012 c16 sg1 huge fan
*please* don't give up writing, while things are quieter around here it simply means the good stuff is hard to come by - yours certainly fits the hard to come by category!

Sad its over :( hope you will write some more...
6/5/2012 c16 weghill
Sorry to see this story end, I've avidly read every exciting chapter. In my humble opinion, you are one of the best authors in the fandom so it would be a real shame if you no longer write. You certainly have an audience.
6/4/2012 c16 PatriciaS
(sorry unable to login in at the moment) Great story. Enjoyed every chapter, the tension, banter and friendship you have given characters made it come to life and gave the whole story that extra depth. Thanks for sharing and hope your muse provides you with more ideas and real life time to write.
6/4/2012 c16 59PapayaK
Sorry I waited till the end to review - I was too busy trying to get to the next chapter! :-D

I must confess this is exactly the kind of story I am looking for every time I log on to Fanfiction. Thanks for writing and for sharing. I sincerely hope you write more!

6/3/2012 c16 19puppypersonLOTR107
So I don't usually have the time to review every chapter, but I've been following your story all along, and enjoying it greatly! I agree the SG-1 fandom is a lot quieter than it once was, but I for one would love to see great stories continuing to be written. And yours is one of if not the best I've been reading lately. I really enjoyed the detail, the consistency, the attention to multiple characters, and the complexity...yeah, this really probably is for sure the best one I've found lately. So I would love it if you decided to write more for SG-1...I for one would love to read! Thanks for this fic, I'm sure I'll be re-reading at some point and enjoying it all over again. :)
6/2/2012 c16 texas
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