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for Sinnoh Bound

3/2/2013 c11 1cpdx
Really good story...gonna keep going on it?
6/27/2012 c9 54WyldClaw
Uh oh! Hunter k stole kojin ! Will they be able to track hunter k and save him
6/21/2012 c9 twilight8899
when will u update i love this story
4/10/2012 c8 WyldClaw
i feel sorry for grant! i hope that if the gang does run into his old trainer jack will show him/her a thing or two about abandoning and abusing pokemon
4/2/2012 c7 WyldClaw
i loooooved that sound wave that Lewelyn used! yahooo jack won his first badge and chadra evolved!
3/25/2012 c6 WyldClaw
i have a strange feeling that jack and heather will be seeing that cruel poacher a lot more
3/19/2012 c5 WyldClaw
yahhhhooo! jack won hi first gym battle! i loved his strategy
3/17/2012 c4 WyldClaw
i think heather should let jack discover things on his own instead of always telling him what to do and not to do. you do learn from your mistakes ( been there, done that many times)

love zera's name! here are some name suggestions for jack's new buizel:








3/6/2012 c3 WyldClaw
cool! they got there new pokemon
3/5/2012 c2 Dark umbreon x
I reviewed ur other stories as BuLbaBabe x Liking the storyso far but I don't like the idea of heather catching non bird pokemon. I loved heathers adventures andi think ur not staying true to ur s

Character by letting her catch non birds x
3/5/2012 c2 JMB
^-^ Neat!

;( Chapter three's still not showing though.

I guess I'm also having the same problem with seeing new

chapters as others in the fanfiction Page on Facebook.
3/2/2012 c1 WyldClaw
yeah for jack! not only did heather come home for his birthday but she brought him Kojin's egg and she's going to travel with him!

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