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for A Wise Seaweed Plan

11/19/2014 c50 Guest
Oh my freaking gods... With the right editing, this could become a great novel. Pleaaaaaaaaaaasssssseee update... That cliffhanger though!
11/18/2014 c50 3OnlyOneToBlame
More... Pleease...? I'm very anxious...

11/14/2014 c50 3the sexy fandom monkey
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I read the last chapter during math class and started freaking out. I got lots of strange looks...
11/10/2014 c10 katryna.north
The reason everyone guessed Silena and Beckendorf died is because you put Silena's name in the chapter Clarisse said "I just want to know what happened to Silena" or something among those lines
10/17/2014 c50 skye
This story is awesome please finish it with a romantic ending
10/17/2014 c3 skye
Okay i guess
10/14/2014 c1 Guest
LOL "control your fucken dick and where it goes!" "it's because of my dick that you are here!"
wow, nice one... *whispers* #Update Soon.
10/10/2014 c1 6loversxwriterx
I actually found it quite funny when Percy was talking about dicks it's very in Percy but it's kinda funny
10/10/2014 c50 Guest
MrsPercyJackson ect...
Btw do u think there will be a how 2 train ur dragon 3? And did u cry about stoick? I did! *sniffles* I must say a few words *ahem*
R.I.P stoick the vast, may ur memory live on amongst your people and the rest of the world. we will always remember you
*runs away crying*
10/10/2014 c50 Guest
UPDATE please! I'm dying. R.i.p. X-P
I luv this! Keep writing... Actually is there anymore? Is this the end? WTF? I hope not!

MrsPercyJackson and u no the drill but I'm 2 lazy 2 put all 3 names on ughhhh
10/9/2014 c50 Guest
DaughterOfAthena /LilWiseOwl/ MrsPercyJackson says...

The naked lady didn't come out right! Supposed 2 b 03•

hugs&kisses xoxoxox
10/9/2014 c50 Guest
Ur fanfic's amazeballs ;) I was literally screaming at annabeth and Percy to make up! Lol. U have to update! More more more more more mire! Pls? (:D - hopeful I'll give u a free vitual cookie! Bt. I thought how 2 train ur dragon 2 was amazing as well! Saw it at cinema. Anyway, keep writing and updating

Turn 03• around so that the 0 is on the top- it's a naked lady! ;)

MrsPercyJackson/ LilWiseOwl/ DaughterOfAthena

luv u!
9/28/2014 c50 Moo
Are you going to make more?
9/25/2014 c50 DatBombWasNotMe
Omg I love this fan fic. Please don't separate Nico and Thalia. So what if Nico is queer, I just love the relationship between the two that you have created...
9/23/2014 c38 flysoul
FINALLY :) srry just random lerson here XD
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