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for VG Cats: Dead or Alive

2/24/2012 c1 1C-butler
First of all, I REALLY like how you made the beginning seem like they were playing a game, I thought that was very clever. Now, I'm not too familiar with the spells in your story, although you did describe what they did, so I will try to remember the terminology of the spells if there is one. I also got a little more information about your character, Dylan, by reading your bio as well as checking out the magic chart you suggested (9.5 magic, jesus that's strong). While I did get a lot of information about Dylan, I would also like to know Leo's and Aeris's stats as well, but I guess its not too important to know about it for the story. Besides the beginning I like the entire mood of the it, its like Left 4 Dead combined with Harry Potter, and so far it's kinda humorous, and almost lighthearted with its fighting scenes being interesting and badass, the horror I assume is the zombies, and zombies and humor oddly seem to go well together. I'm a little confused when I found the word "siblings", is Dylan and Leo brothers by any chance, or is it Curtis? And why did Curtis pop up randomly like that in the end? It was a little confusing there, unless you did it for humor. I've also noticed that your story is very dialogue driven, and that's fine, its sorta like reading a play, however do take the chance to just explain things in a third person or like you did here, in a narrative style. The origin of the zombies, is short and some what vague, but I assume that you will explain in further detail later on. But anyways, so far I think its really creative, and quite unique.

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