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for OC Dimensional Journeys: World of One Piece

2/18 c16 Tdog Smith
I really like this story I hope you make more chapters of it.
1/19/2019 c10 lonewolf420
While I like this chapter and all one thing don't make since to me. Well actually two. But one might be because of power usage. So first with his aura teleport capability why will it take years for him to bring brook back? I realize brook will be part of the crew but what stops them from a quick poo in for a song or two then pop back? Second since his island home is hidden and secret, couldn't he have opened an aura hate to his island and had the whale call the waters around his island home?
1/13/2019 c8 lonewolf420
Really like the story so far. Not a big one piece fan so I'll probably have to find a good Harry potter story or a naruto cross over of some kind to read a couple chapters of when I loose interest for a short time. But will definitely keep reading it. I'm interested to see his interactions with Frankie. And chopper
1/12/2019 c5 lonewolf420
So far so good. Only watched a few episodes of one piece while in my roommate's room so don't know all the side characters so not sure who the little girl is at the moment but love how we got to see a small taste of your of in action pulling his craft out at a moment's notice.
1/12/2019 c2 lonewolf420
Again a nice information chapter. Establishing his base of operation as well as training his mind, body, and powers while building up an inventory for his eventual journey. Can't see what people wouldn't like so far.
1/12/2019 c1 lonewolf420
So far so good. Interesting start. Quick question, was the other two chests also devil fruit and if so what powers where they?
1/7/2019 c4 Lazy Armor
why did you became a Straw Hat?
you had everything to be your own man.. your character is smarter, richer and stronger than Luffy theres no point his subordinate.
you could became captain of your own ship, have your own crew and see the world for yourself in your own terms but instead you choose to lose your originality to tell the same story we already know but, with your OC in it.. thats boring.. dropping this sh*t.
7/14/2018 c2 ClickReborn
Love it keep going
1/24/2017 c16 1davycrockett100
3/10/2016 c16 Doctor Psychosis
RAGLEFRAGLE! OxO awesome story thus far, the mirror was a nice touch to connect the worlds(also could lead to an number of interesting omakes involving the mirror of Erised and mirrors in general). can't wait for more, even as i drift off to the other dimensional storys with this guy!
3/10/2016 c13 Doctor Psychosis
pokemon egg! O.o is it a Tyrunt? Aerodactyl? Cranidos? Shieldon? Amaura? i mean its a prehistoric island...heh...gonna read more now.
3/10/2016 c10 Doctor Psychosis
i had an image in my head of laboon singing binks sake and tap dancing...future omake material maybe? going to the next chapter now xP
3/10/2016 c2 Doctor Psychosis
some people just don't review, don't take it personally, rather, enjoy the fact that while it means less reviews, it also means less flames. it is a good story so far, and i plan on reading all the others as well, so hurrah and all that XP. going to the next chapter now.
6/17/2015 c16 Guest
When he wanted to do it himself...sneaky bastard xD
3/31/2015 c2 3jdboss1
STOP USEING AN 1/2 when in your storys ever AN drop your IQ by 1/2 ever time you use one
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