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2/29/2012 c1 270Mandolina Lightrobber
It was a cute fic, a good premise for the story, but it seemed somehow... rushed toward the ending. I like the way you write, but there's just something about your Shizuka that I find hard to believe.
2/27/2012 c1 48Chicary
Ah, that was fun! A fluffy V-day fic to start off the contest and a very appropriate type of story for these three. Shizuka isn't as harmless and innocent as she seems, huh?
2/25/2012 c1 6Short-Anime-Lover
Hehehe, this was amazing! It had me giggling like none other. (The stupid nurse even came in and said for me to keep it down.) It is so cute, and I love how Shizuka is devious in this.
2/25/2012 c1 2marshmall0z
aw! it was so cute the way that otogi and honda bickered - and how jounouchi was sulking about it.

good luck in the contest! C:
2/25/2012 c1 9Dusty Llama
I love that you included the Japanese Valentine's customs! Especially how you mixed in the westernized version as well.

Honda and Otogi's interactions are really well done, they sound just right.

I enjoy the mischeviousness we get out of Shizuka, and that her brother's in on it, too.

Appropriately short, and really cute! Good luck.
2/23/2012 c1 53yllimilly
Oh Joey is evil!

That was a very clever theme for a ficlet because despite the story's short length, the banter summed up very well their attitudes towards Shizuka (and one another) and we don't feel like we need to know the rest of the plot; just the promise of competition feels enough.

Well done, good luck for the contest!

2/23/2012 c1 25Seira-g
This was definitely one of the cuter entries I've seen so far! The fact that those two are always fighting over Serenity is something you captured well. But the ending seemed a bit... Abrupt? I don't know. But it was still a decent story, and I wish you luck on the contest!
2/21/2012 c1 20OxEyed
Ha, this was great. I love seeing fiesty!Shizuka, and I could totally see this scenario happening. Jounouchi is far more cunning than he lets on. :) Good luck!
2/21/2012 c1 12Graces of the Child
This was cute! I like that we had similar ideas, but yours was more focused on the actual romance. I... don't think guys give chocolate to girls, so yours is definitely unique. xD

Good luck!

2/21/2012 c1 1SK-fan7
Awwww that was a lovely idea! Amazing! Very nice Valentines fic! I really think you could turn into something for my contest as well coz it sounds just amazing! Chocolate contest... wow I wouldnt have thought of that :P

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